Cruise Tips Bingo On A Cruise Ship

Bingo On A Cruise Ship

Almost every cruise you will take will have the all famous bingo game. We’ll look into why the bingo game is just so popular on ships. The game is basically about matching the numbers with the number which are announced. Once you have a line or full house you can win a prize. There’s many different way of playing the game but most people use paper with a certain amount of numbers. Usually a machine will pick the numbers in no order so it’s all about the luck. The money which people buy the tickets/bingo boards with is put into the prize money. Once someone has got a full house or other type of line depending on the host they must call out bingo. The numbers are then checked to make sure that person really is the winner.

Why Is The Game So Popular?

Well the bingo game is popular on ships because there’s not a huge amount of games passengers can play. On the ships there usually isn’t many board games for families to play. The game is old and was invented in 1929 but it’s evolved into a more modern game with different ways of winning. On the ship passengers really love to play as the cruise line usually make it a lot more entertaining. The cruise lines have funny entertainment hosts along with young girls to help who are usually the ships dancers! Sometimes after the games the ships put on special events or show which is another reason why it’s just so popular onboard. You can see how the game is played at Party Bingo which can also be another form of online bingo.

The Future

So while cruise lines are always changing their onboard entertainment will the bingo game decline in popularity? well the answer is no as when families, friends and couples cruise together it’s a game which can be fun for them all and a way of using up the time on those sometimes boring days at sea.


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