Bermuda Will Finally Drop Its Travel Authorization

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Better late than never, Bermuda is finally removing the travel authorization form, which was needed to be allowed to travel to the island by plane or cruise ship.

The form will no longer be required starting November 14, almost three weeks earlier than previously announced, and in time for several cruise ships to take advantage. 

Bermuda implemented the $40 travel authorization during the pandemic to be able to track and minimize the risk of COVID coming to the island.

However, although Bermuda opened up for all travelers some time ago, it held on to the travel authorization form. The form will now be replaced with the old Bermuda arrival card, which is free of charge. 

Bermuda Removes $40 Travel Authorisation

Effective November 14, those traveling to Bermuda by air or by cruise ship will no longer be required to apply for and pay a $40 fee for the travel authorization form that has been in place during the last two years.

Although the Bermuda government had announced previously it would remove the form in December, this has been pushed forward by three weeks.

A Government spokesperson said the following: “Today, the Bermuda Government is pleased to announce the elimination of the travel authorization [TA] process three weeks earlier than previously announced, a move which will streamline the overall travel experience for visitors.”

“The requirement for an approved TA, the associated forty-dollar fee, and proof of vaccination or medical insurance will end on 13th November 2022.”

Cruise Ship Docked in Bermuda
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The Travel Authorization form will be removed, and the Bermuda Tourism Authority will bring back the old Arrival Card:

“Effective 14th November, the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] will reinstate the Bermuda Arrival Card, a digital form for visitors only, which was in place prior to the onset of the pandemic. The BTA will provide more information on the process around the Bermuda Arrival Card later today.”

With the removal of the Travel Authorization, Bermuda removed the last hurdles that were in place post-pandemic. Regardless of their vaccination status, everyone is free to travel to Bermuda

Those traveling to Bermuda can apply for the arrival card at There is no approval process or fee, and once the required fields have been completed, the form is available as a downloadable link or by email.

All non-residents who travel to Bermuda as of November 14 must complete the Bermuda Arrival Card even if they have previously completed a travel authorization form. 

Several Cruise Ships Impacted

Although we are already in November, several cruise ships will still be able to benefit from the changes implemented by the Bermuda government.

Norwegian Joy arrives in Bermuda on November 21 for a three-day stay. The ship will sail from New York City on November 19 and return on November 26.

Norwegian Breakaway in Bermuda
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Ocean Cruises’ Sirena arrives in Hamilton, Bermuda, on November 14 and is the first cruise ship to benefit from the new protocols. She is sailing a 14-night transatlantic voyage from Barcelona to Miami. The next day, Norwegian Joy will arrive in Bermuda.

MSC Seascape guests sailing from Rome to New York will arrive in Bermuda on December 2. Unfortunately, those arriving in Bermuda before November 14 will still need to apply for the Travel Authorization. This includes cruises onboard Norwegian Pearl on November 6 and 13.

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