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Cruise Potential In Dubai Is An Upward Trend

Dubai is a world-famous city, and now its attracting attention from the cruise industry. I guess it was only a matter of time before Dubai became a popular cruise port.

Royal Caribbean To Cuba Wait’s On Approval

Now the cruise line has confirmed from onboard Harmony of the Seas that Cuba will be a port of call. Let's be clear in regards to Cuba things don't always go according to plan.

The People Of Charleston Say No To New Cruise Terminal

That's right most places are ecstatic to hear of more cruise ship tourists in their town, but not the people of South Carolina.

Limón Sees a 60 Percent Rise In 2015-2016 Cruise Season

Costa Rica continues to be a favorite among cruise passengers, and the Port of Limón has reaped the benefit. A significant rise is passengers is no surprise.

Holland America Announced Next Pinnacle Class Ship Set For 2018

Holland America is honoring the past with its new pinnacle class ship. The MS Nieuw Statendam will carry the name of the past, but I can assure you this ship is made for the future.

Russian Built Cruise Ships Are On The Way

A Russian cruise liner is on the horizon. Russia has come up with the idea of keeping tourist in the country, as the average Russian struggles to find vacation options.

Royal Caribbean’s Giant Ship Heads For Victoria And Nanaimo

Royal Caribbean is at it again! Everything the cruise liners has done in recent weeks is big, and now they have their sights set on Canada.

The Biggest Cruise Ship In The World Sets Sail For Southampton, UK

Well the time has finally come! The world's largest cruise ship is ready for action. Royal Caribbean has wasted no time in putting their new mega ship into the lineup.

Genting HK Signs An Order For 10 Cruise Ships Worth 4 Billion Dollars

The Asian market is growing and Genting Hong Kong has taken notice. Many have noticed the rise of china and other Asia pacific countries and now the cruise industry is vying for a piece of the action.
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