Another Crew Member Has Died on Another Cruise Ship

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A crew member has died on Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas, the fourth to die on different ships within the past 10 days, not from COVID-19.

Four Crew Members Have Died

Sad news is coming from Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas as a crew member has been found dead. According to Cruise Law News, the Chinese crew member was found by his collogues on Sunday and was apparently a new hire.

No details are known how the crew member passed away but there is no doubt that life onboard any cruise ship is very difficult and within the past 10 days we’ve seen another three crew members who are believed to have taken their own lives.

A crew member was found dead on the Carnival Breeze just the day before. The 29-year-old crew member worked as an assistant shore excursion manager and reportedly took his own life days before being repatriated to his home country of Hungary.

We do know that there are strict rules onboard Carnival cruise ships and crew members are only allowed out of their cabins for a limited amount of time to stop any potential virus outbreak. The crew are able to use free Wi-Fi and watch TV but the connections are not so good or reliable. Being away from family and worrying about getting home is constantly on their minds.

Earlier in the month, a crew member went overboard the Jewel of the Seas cruise ship. At the time the Royal Caribbean vessel was located south of Greece in the Mediterranean. This overboard was apparently intentional after CCTV footage was checked. You can read more here.

Just yesterday Cruise Hive reported on another crew member who went overboard. In this case, it was the Regal Princess cruise ship while docked at the Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands. The cruise ship was in Rotterdam to repatriate European crew members.

At the moment all the major cruise lines are working on getting the crew back home. Ships are sailing around the world including countries in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Charter flights are also being arranged to further destinations to get the crew back home.

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It truly is tough for the crew who have not just had to deal with ending passenger cruises but also dealing with further social distancing rules and isolation onboard. Now more than ever it is important that the crew talk to each other and cruise lines provide support.

Being far away from family is tough during normal times but during a global pandemic it’s way beyond that. The majorty of crew are going back home and cruise lines such as Carnival has already repatriated more than 10,000. However, there will be a small number of essential workers onboard each vessel to keep it maintained nad opewrational during the suspension of cruise operations.

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We just spare a thought for the thousands of crew members who still remain onboard cruise ships. Even those vessel which are repatriating crew and sailing to other continents are spending up to weeks at sea and not being allowed off at ports along the way.

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