Cruise News Hurricane Watch An Increase in Hurricane Activity Expected in Updated Forecast

An Increase in Hurricane Activity Expected in Updated Forecast

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Increased Hurricane activity is now likely in a new updated forecast from the National Hurricane Center due to the end of El Nino.

More Hurricanes Could Be On The Way!

We’re now entering the height of Hurricane season and the National Hurricane Center (NOAA) has now revised and updated their expectations for until the end of the season on November 30, 2019.

Conditions are now favoring above-normal activity and the main reason for this is due to El Nino coming to an end. This is 45% up from 30% which was previously predicted from the organization back in May.

Neil Jacobs, Ph.D., acting NOAA administrator, said:

“NOAA will continue to deliver the information that the public depends on before, during and after any storms throughout the hurricane season.”

“Armed with our next-generation satellites, sophisticated weather models, hurricane hunter aircraft, and the expertise of our forecasters, we are prepared to keep communities informed to help save lives and livelihoods.”

The higher rate of storms potentially on the way it does also mean NOAA is expecting 10-17 of them will have 35 MPH winds or higher. 5-9 of those storms are predicted to become major Hurricanes with 111 MPH winds and higher.

2019 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Names
2019 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Names

With El Nino now at an end in the Pacific Ocean the regular conditions have returned. It also suppresses activity in the Atlantic Ocean which will now increase the activity. This is especially important for Caribbean islands and the cruise industry which are in the firing line of Tropical Storms and Hurricane which develop across the Atlantic.

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We’ve already had Storm Andrea which reached a maximum of 40 MPH after forming south of Bermuda and then Hurricane Barry which formed to the east of the Bahamas. That Hurricane reached a high of 75 MPH and impacted the U.S. Gulf Coast.

We just hope we don’t get a busy season like in 2017, one of the most dangerous seasons in a long time which resulted in some of the most popular cruise destinations to be devastated along with impacting the United States. Almost every cruise line was impacted with too many itinerary changes to count.

Just keep tracking the weather conditions before any cruise vacation from now until the end of November. Take out cruise insurance and don’t get angry when the cruise line cancels port of call as their number one priority is keeping passengers and crew safely away from any potential storm or Hurricane.

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