Cruise News Ports American Channel Developing Cruise Ship Comedy Series 'Port of Miami'

American Channel Developing Cruise Ship Comedy Series ‘Port of Miami’

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Cruise Line Cancels Multiple Ship Itineraries in Asia

Princess Cruises has canceled over two dozen cruises in Asia impacting multiple cruise ships in the region.

British Passengers Furious While Those From U.S. Evacuated from Cruise Ship

The U.S. passengers from the Quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan are evacuated but some who remain onboard are not happy.

Coronavirus Infections Rise on Cruise Ship, Crew to Undergo Further Quarantine

In the latest from the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan, the number of infections rises and the crew is set to undergo further quarantine.

Passenger Who Disembarked Holland America Cruise Ship Confirmed With COVID-19

The deadly Coronavirus has been confirmed to have infected a woman who disembarked the ms Westerdam cruise ship operated by Holland America Line.

There are reports that the American TV network NBC is developing a new cruise ship comedy called ‘Port of Miami’

According to The Hollywood Reporter the new series will be set on a Miami based cruise ship that sails from Port of Miami. The TV show is apparently getting two veterans show runners involved on the show, Matt Williams and David McFadzean.

The site also mentioned that the story will be based around an “an unmotivated white bartender who works with a variety of international employees, all of them aggressively seeking the American dream and incredulous that he is content to mix drinks, chase women and settle for less.” That sounds just about right for a crew member!

Cruise ships are often featured on movies and TV but the last actual show purpose filmed on a cruise was the popular Love Boat which first aired back in 1977. The show then ended in 1987 but made cruising what it is today. The cast of The Love Boat recently christened Princess Cruises new Regal Princess cruise ship.

Cruise Hive will keep an eye on this developing story and any new details that are released.

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