Aida Cruises Brand New Ship Shows Off In Indian Ocean

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Aida Cruises has posted a new Easter tease of their brand new cruise ship the Aidaprima. The vessel looks just breathtaking as it sails the Indian Ocean towards Europe. The Aidaprima can ben seen coasting along with it’s new Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System that reduces the amount of friction with the water.

You can watch the video below:

The Aidaprima is a new generation ship built by Mitsubishi in Nagasaki, Japan. The vessel is the first of 2 ships for the German based cruise line and the largest built so far for Aida Cruises. Aidaprima was handed over to the cruise line on March 14 and since then has been making its towards Europe.

Even though the ship had been delayed many times cruisers can look forward to the first cruise sailing out Hamburg, Germany on April 30. The ships will sail 7-night cruise including a call at Southampton, UK. Purpose built for the German market with the latest building technologies from Japan, Aidaprima is a huge 124,500 gross tons and carrying 3,300 passengers.

The ship will be christened during the 827th Hamburg Port Anniversary on May 7. The second new generation Aidaperla is currently under construction by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) in the Nagasaki shipyard and will enter service in 2017.


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