Adora Cruises Reveals Name of First Chinese-Built Carnival Vessel

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Adora Cruises has just unveiled the name of its debut Chinese-built cruise ship, Adora Magic City, which will see Shanghai serve as the vessel’s home port.

Adora Magic City: A First for the Chinese-Based Cruise Industry

Adora Cruises, a Carnival brand focused on China, has just revealed the name of its first-ever Chinese-constructed ocean liner. The ship has been coined Adora Magic City. Shanghai will serve as the ship’s primary port for its inaugural season.

Adora Magic City, coming in at 135,500 tons, and boasting a carrying capacity of 5,246 passengers, is currently expected to enter service sometime toward the latter part of 2023. 

CSSC Carnival Cruise Shipping Limited’s inaugural vessel is being constructed in collaboration with CSSC Carnival and the Italian shipbuilding firm Fincantieri. CSSC is an acronym for “China State Shipbuilding Corporation.”

Adora Magic City
Adora Magic City (Photo Courtesy: Adora Cruises)

The production and naming of the vessel—purposely designed for the Chinese market—marks the beginning of a pioneering period for Chinese-manufactured cruise ships. The 16-level Adora Magic City, emerging from Shanghai’s Waigaoqiao shipyard, is set to make waves in the cruise industry.

Another larger Vista-class ship (142,000 gross tons) is currently being fabricated at the same shipyard and is expected to commence operations sometime in 2024.

Chinese Cruise Ship Cultural Aesthetics Afloat at Sea

Adora Magic City is being touted as a ship that will combine Eastern and Western influences. The company’s goal is to foster a kind of “metropolis” at sea. 

The plan is for the ship to seamlessly blend traditional aspects of Chinese heritage with a modern, stylish lifestyle, along with lots of cool technology. The overall aim is to offer an exhilarating voyage for both Chinese and international customers.

“We are thrilled to announce the name of our first Chinese-built large cruise ship,” CSSC Carnival Cruise Shipping Limited’s managing director Chen Ranfeng said

“Adora Magic City is not just a cruise ship, but a captivating experience that presents the best of Chinese hospitality and global cruising practice,” the managing director added. “We can’t wait to share this unforgettable journey with our guests.”

Adora Magic City
Adora Magic City (Photo Courtesy: Adora Cruises)

The company’s debut cruise ship, in collaboration with Shanghai Telecom, will also be the first 5G-supported ocean liner to ever hit the open ocean. 

Passengers will be able to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity through mobile 5G and Wi-Fi 6 network options, ensuring easy and constant communication with loved ones back home, along with the ability to upload photos and videos for sharing.

Moreover, the vessel will offer the largest duty-free retail space at sea. Thanks to the rock-solid 5G, holidaymakers can share snaps of their luxury purchases online and on social media with friends stuck on land.

Entertainment and Shopping Options Abroad Adora Magic City

Adora Magic City will be collaborating with Mahua FunAge, the foremost comedy production company in China, to bring its guests an innovative ship-based comedy theater experience.

In April 2023, this Asian-focused Carnival brand also unveiled plans for the production of an exciting new show for its inaugural Chinese-made ship. In cooperation with Selection International Entertainment,  Adora Cruises will present “Marco Polo: An Enchanted Love Tale.”

Adora Cruises
Image Courtesy: CSSC Carnival Cruise Company

“Marco Polo: An Enchanted Love Tale” has been designed to immerse ship guests in a wonderful and riveting narrative about the Silk Road, and of course, Marco Polo.

Furthermore, Adora Cruises has just announced the addition of a production entitled “Magic City,” which cleverly enough shares its name with Adora Magic City. This main stage spectacle promises to showcase all of the cultural charms that urban Shanghai is famed for.

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