Activists Chain Themselves to Large Cruise Ship In Venice

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Activists in Venice have upped their game when it comes to large cruise ships using the lagoon in the Italian city.

Activists in Venice have gone even further to try and stop large cruise ships from using the lagoon in the historic and iconic Italian city. The Grand Navi Committee who have been fighting against the large cruise ships launched a new attack yesterday. A group in animal masks managed to chain themselves to the side of a large cruise ship in the city port.

The Grand Navi Committee posted the following on its Facebook page:

We keep attending the attack to our houses, our canals for the pointless amusement and profit for few. And, again, we know the guilty party: Carnival Corporation, CostaCrociere, MSC, VTP, Consorzio Venezia Nuova.

Today, in Venice, a big ship was our target. A big ship was touched. We are neither silent nor powerless. You have neither domesticated nor bought us. We have not surrendered and we won’t.

A group in animal masks managed to chain themselves to the side of a large cruise ship in the city. The activist also held up a sign which said “Save the Planet, Save the Lagoon. Stop Climate Chaos, Stop Cruise Ships!

There has been a lot of hate towards large cruise ships using the lagoon on a daily basis. It is feared the vessels will damage the fragile boundaries of Venice, especially near St. Marks square. Authorities even voted to ban ships over 96,000 gross tons in 2015 but then later the ban stopped and large cruise ships continued to sail the lagoon.

It isn’t clear exactly which cruise ship the activists chained themselves too but on September 18 the largest cruise ship in port was Queen Elizabeth operated by Cunard Line.

Venice Activists

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