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Two Carnival Cruise Ships Delayed After Heavy Fog

Two Carnival cruise ships at two separate homeports were delayed for fog on Sunday, December 3. What does this mean for their next cruises?

Carnival Ship Impacted by Fog to Sail Cruise to Nowhere

The Carnival Dream which has been delayed arriving back at its homeport will be sailing a cruise to nowhere.

Cruise Ships Impacted by Heavy Fog and Port Closures

Cruise ships are being impacted by heavy fog which has forced two homeports on the U.S. Gulf Coast to close.

Heavy Fog Delays Carnival Cruise Ships at Port of Galveston

Heavy fog has delayed two Carnival cruise ships arriving back into the Port of Galveston. Also resulting in delayed embarkation for the following departures.

Dense Fog at Port of Tampa Delays Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Dense fog at Port of Tampa is causing delays for a Royal Caribbean cruise ship which is expected to have a knock-on effect for the next scheduled sailing.

Heavy Fog Also Strikes Port of New Orleans

Port of New Orleans is dealing with heavy fog today with the National Weather Service issuing a dense fog advisory.

Fog Causes Problems for Port of Tampa Based Cruise Ships

Dense fog across parts of the Florida west coast is causing problems for cruise ships based out of Port of Tampa.

Carnival Cruise Ship Delayed Due to Dense Fog at Florida Port

The Port of Jacksonville in Florida is being impacted by dense fog and is delaying the arrival of one Carnival cruise ship.

New Carnival Horizon Fun Outdoor Infographic Released

Carnival Cruise Line has released a stunning new feature full infographic which showcases everything there is to do out on the open decks of the newest ship in the fleet Carnival Horizon.