7 Reasons to Cruise into the Future

Cruise ships are evolving, becoming more advanced with new technologies and innovative features. Cruise Hive looks at 7 reasons why cruising into the future can be good for us and help grow the industry to new heights.


The environment is an essential part of any business and cruise ships are helping to lead the way with new advancements in propulsion. In June 2015 Carnival Corporation made a major breakthrough by introducing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) — the world’s cleanest burning fossil fuel. Carnival is the first cruise line to use the new fuel and will take the cruise line into a new environmentally geared future. In the future cruise lines will introduce more environment friendly propulsion technologies and even enhance a ship’s construction process to lower the harm to our planet.


Cruise Ships are really becoming innovative by controlling environments. The Norwegian Escape has its very own ‘Snow Room’ with flurries of snow throughout the day. Norwegian Epic has the oceans first ever ‘Ice Bar’ where passenger can order a chilled drink in an ice-cold environment. In the future we could see more weather controlled spaces including some innovation on the open decks. there has long been talk of a Ski Slope at sea so maybe one day this will become a reality.

Norwegian Escape, Snow Room
Rendering By: NCL


Cruise lines are starting to introduce their own Apps to help guests socialize on board and never to miss a thing. Carnival recently launched an App that offers just about everything from keeping track of onboard expenses to chatting with fellow passengers for a meet up. These apps will help evolve the onboard experience where in the future the apps can pretty much control all aspects of cruising from dining to ordering drinks from those robotic bartenders!


As new innovations are invented for new larger cruise ships, we could see something new that can help drive not just the industry but the world into a new era. Robotic bartenders were first introduced onboard Quantum of the Seas in 2014, This could be the beginning of a new futuristic bar not just for cruise ships but bars on land too. There could be moving robotic waiters in the future and enhancements to automatic checking-in at the beginning of the cruise.


New award-winning shows are proving to be popular onboard cruise ships but if we look into the future one cruise line has already gone one step ahead. Royal Caribbean has introduced an amazing visual experience in the Two70 lounge on board the Quantum class cruise ships. The lounge transforms at night with stunning projections and human artistry, the mix is breathtaking. In the future we could see more 3D and lighting styled displays using robotic technology.

Two70 At Night
Two70 At Night


With the constant need of internet for a passengers everyday life it’s now clear that providing an efficient wi-fi service is essential. Some of the biggest cruise lines now boast super fast internet speeds no matter where the ship is located. Guests can enjoy using their social network sites and even now make video calls. In the future we can expect this advancement to continue with the ship’s wi-fi being an essential part of shopping and services onboard


As we constantly move into the future cruise ships will get larger. As they get larger new innovations will be invented and the ports they call at could benefit even further from the increase in passengers. We could see new hull designs come into play and hopefully one day cruise ships could go underwater and fly. The possibilities as the cruise industry sails into the future are endless and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Emrys Thakkar
Emrys Thakkar
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