Cruise Tips 6 Reasons Why You Should Book A Cruise Online

6 Reasons Why You Should Book A Cruise Online

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Six Holland America Cruise Ships Will Sail Alaska in Summer 2021

Seattle-based Holland America Line will be sending six ships to Alaska this summer.

Scam Artists Target Royal Caribbean Crew In E-mail Scam

Michael Bayley, President, and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line announced on his Facebook page today that crew members are under attack from scammers.

Second MSC Cruise Ship Restarts Operations

The second MSC cruise ship has resumed operations with a series of seven cruises in Europe out of Italy.

European Cruise Lines See COVID Issues On The Rise

While Cruise Lines sailing in Europe appeared to be relatively safe from significant issues so far, this week Costa Cruises had to cut a cruise short and MSC Cruises was not allowed to disembark passengers in Malta.

There are some travellers who go to their trusted travel agent down the road and then there are those who do everything online including booking. It’s true that almost everything is done online now so here are some reasons why you should be booking online with some handy cruise tips that can give you an advantage.


Photos speak more than words and can inspire you into booking that dream cruise. Do a search online for destinations where you would like to sail and cross check with cruise ships calling there. Just be careful with official company photos because they are usually photoshopped to look better. Try and look at photos from actual people who have cruised on the vessel or visited the port.

Travel Agent

There’s plenty of online travel agents so it’s wise to take a look at their sites first along with their social networks. You can keep track of any new promotions that are probably not included in a traditional travel agents magazine or brochure. Often they’ll have recommendations and special deals for cruise itineraries that you never knew existed before! A good thing about a travel agents site is that you get the both of best worlds as many of them will offer a personal online chat service where a cruise expert can answer any of your questions and you could even be doing your own research at the same time.


By booking online travellers can use many comparison services so its easier to find a great deal that suites you. If you go to a traditional travel agent your limited on what can be compared. You have the full internet at your disposal. Many online sources work with cruise professionals in getting a good online deal and in many cases the cheapest are online.


This social network site is one of the most important resources for booking online. Almost all cruise professionals, travel agents and just general people who have a vast experience of cruising use the site. The best way is to find some interesting users who have cruised on the cruise line you’re thinking of booking with, ask them for some suggestions. You could do this by asking them if you could email them or simply use Twitters messaging service. You can try to type in the cruise line your interested in and see what related tweets are coming up. The good thing is that twitter is recent and constant so the tweets could be coming from cruisers onboard right at that moment so it’s a good way to connect with the people who are cruising right now.


No Pressure

By booking online there’s no pressure from any sales staff as you can choose in your own time. Cruisers can read through all the terms and conditions at their will and checkout the cruise lines special deals which are always changing according to the season you want to cruise.


Another great way is to ask travellers on cruise forums, it’s best to simply post your questions and you’ll be surprised at how many people can answer them for you but we can’t guarantee everyone will be friendly! Many popular forums online will have members posting live blogs of their onboard experience along with photos. Members are never scared to rant about a cruise ship which can help decide your cruise booking. Just make sure you have some sort of idea of the region and cruise line your planning on booking because it could take you weeks to browse through them all!

If you have any other tips or suggestions feel free to post them in the comments below to help those people who are new to cruising.

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