Cruise Tips 6 Reasons Not To Take Your Laptop On A Cruise

6 Reasons Not To Take Your Laptop On A Cruise

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Why do we cruise? Well that depends on you but one of them is not to work unless you work within the cruise industry which is a pretty good excuse. Below we’ll look at reasons why you shouldn’t take your laptop with you on the cruise. Just think it could also have an influence on the people cruising with you, trust us we know! Cruise Hive also suggest that cruisers try to get all their work done before the cruise if possible!

Time Zones

Remember that the cruise ship is sailing to different countries and depending on the type of cruise you’re on the different time zones could affect your time sat in-front of the laptop. This means that you don’t have to take it with you! if you were to use it onboard you would just be wasting time as the people in your home country are probably not even online. You’re wondering, what if i’m just using word and not even using the internet? Well that can be done using your mobile device so you don’t have to carry the laptop around everywhere with you.

Port of Calls

It’s not wise to take your laptop ashore and there are many reasons for this. If in a hot climate like the Caribbean the laptop could be heavy in your backpack and give you a nice sweaty back. When cruisers go ashore in most cases there’s a lot of walking and adventurous activities so this could also lead to the laptop being damaged. You’ll have so much in your bag there will not even be any room for your laptop because when visiting the ports of calls you’ll need to take lots of essentials.

The Beach

Oh yes the beach does sound good but not with a laptop! While swimming in the tropical blue water you might not realise that some local just stole your laptop after watching you arrive on the beach and knowing that you don’t know the area (It does happen folks). Sand can easily get into the bag and damage the laptop which could cost you some money to fix it. Even if you did use the computer on the beach with the bright sun shining it can be very difficult to see the screen.


Cruise Line internet charges can be shockingly expensive so by taking your laptop it might tempt you into purchasing a package. If you didn’t bring your laptop that’s great because while your friends and family are shopping in the port you can easily use your smart phone to find free wi-fi, if you don’t know where then the ship’s crew always know!


It doesn’t matter who you’re cruising with but if you use a laptop they probably won’t like it. You could be spending time with them enjoy the cruise that you spent all that hard-earned money on. Think of all those memories and photo opportunities that you could be missing and not to mention all the fun in the sun that could be done. Enjoy other passengers company and take in the experience that a cruise has to offer, by ignoring others and just looking deep into your laptops screen can have a negative effect on you and de-motivate everyone else.


Just think of all that effort spent getting that laptop onboard the vessel. All the security checkpoints where the laptop has been taken out and in again, is it really worth it when everything can be done on a much smaller mobile device. the good thing about leaving it at home is once the cruise is sadly over you’ll have something to look forward to when back home. Opening up that smooth metallic computer for the first time since leaving for the cruise could be just as exciting, until that is when you open the emails and realise how much work you missed.

If you have any other reasons for not taking a laptop on a cruise then feel free to post in the comments below to help new or even experienced cruisers enjoy their experience more.

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