Cruise Tips 5 Ways To Become The Best Passenger Onboard Your Cruise Ship

5 Ways To Become The Best Passenger Onboard Your Cruise Ship

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One of the best ways to feel better about yourself is becoming a great fellow passenger during your cruise. These days on cruise ships it’s easy to come across passengers wanting compensation for something so silly and small. Many crew members can get irritated by moaning guests and lack of satisfaction.

Well, let’s take a look how you can become the best passenger during your cruise.

Always Pay Gratuities

If you’re one of those passengers who always cancels gratuities at the end of the cruise then you should be ashamed of yourself! Show to yourself the room steward, waiter, and waitress that you’re the best passenger ever by upping the gratuities. By doing this you’re telling them they did an amazing job and went above and beyond. If you really want to make them happy give them an envelope on the last day of the cruise in addition to the gratuities. You will make their day and become a passenger they will never forget.

Don’t Be Late

It can be really annoying if you’re late for the dining room, especially if it’s early or late seating. The dining room staff can’t leave until you have finished, so think of them. Don’t be late getting back to the ship in port, it can be embarrassing running down the dock with all the other guests clapping you. To be the best passenger arrive at the dining room early and make ordering a breeze with no hassle. Get back to the ship earlier than others so you can avoid the long line on the ships gangway.

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Help Others

If you see an elderly person waiting for the elevator don’t just jump in before and press the buttons quickly. Why not wait and even help them get into the elevator, trust me it will make yourself feel so good afterwards. If you see a crew member with a full trolley then why not give them a hand, it will totally make their day. If you see a fellow passenger giving a hard time to someone else then step in and bring it to a halt.


Make conversation with fellow passengers and crew members, by doing this you could even make some new friends for life! Every morning when you come out of your stateroom go over and talk to your stateroom steward, ask them what they’ve been up to and just have a laugh.


I’ve saved the best for last! Karaoke is where a passenger doesn’t just become the best but also the star of the cruise. News travels fast on a cruise ship and with a voice like yours, everyone will be jam-packed trying to listen to you. The ship is not short of talented singers so why not go up to one of them and ask for some singing tips, the last thing you want is to embarrass yourself and end up being the failure of the cruise!

I’m sure there are a lot more ways on becoming the best passenger onboard a ship, feel free to post them below…

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