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5 Thrilling Things You Must Do On Harmony of the Seas

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Harmony of the Seas, the world’s largest ever cruise ship is a floating city with enough onboard features and experiences to keep you busy for weeks, possibly months! We all enjoy a thrill while onboard and this Oasis class ship really is the pinnacle of them all.

As of writing this article, Harmony of the Seas is less than 76 days away from making its debut and boy are we in for treat. For those who like to be active during a cruise and try out as much as possible then this article is for you. Let’s take a look at 5 of the most thrilling things you must do on Harmony of the Seas.

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The Perfect Storm

Harmony of the Seas
Photo By: Royal Caribbean

Oh my, when Royal Caribbean first mentioned there would be water slide’s coming to the ship I didn’t think there would be 3 of them! those guests looking for the perfect thrill don’t have to look any further. The Perfect Storm is a collection of 3 water slides each offering a different type of thrill.

The 3-story high Perfect Storm includes Supercell, Typhoon and Cyclone all located mid ship 10 stories above the Central Park neighbourhood. All slides twist and turn which all young and old passengers will love. Cyclone features a champagne bowl where thrill seekers will go around and around until the final big splash.


Oasis of the Seas
Photo Credit: Craig Stanfill (Creative Commons)

Harmony of the Seas will feature not 1 but 2 Flowriders! These popular surf machines can offer a thrill for all types of cruisers with 60,000 gallons of water flowing past every minute. Guests can actually have fun no matter how bad they are. The surf simulators are located at the Sports Zone on deck 16 and can be found just before The Ultimate Abyss slide aft.

The Flowriders have been around for many years now but when first introduced were a huge hit onboard some earlier Royal Caribbean ships. Even today the Flowriders are just as popular with guests seeking a real thrill with an ocean view. The good news, Oasis class vessels have two Flowriders to keep lines down so guests can focus more on trying to stay on their surfboard. The surf experts onboard can also offer lessons for those looking to take it a little more seriously.

The Ultimate Abyss

The Ultimate Abyss
Rendering By: Royal Caribbean

The Ultimate Abyss is probably one of the most anticipated features onboard Harmony of the Seas, this was mainly due to the huge secret build up to the features unveiling. This gigantic slide (not a water slide) will offer the ultimate thrill.

The Ultimate Abyss begins all the way up on deck 16 aft at the ships Sports Zone. Even from the start thrill seekers are met with a glass platform where they can see the Boardwalk on deck 6 below. Once cruisers past the glass platform they will get on a special mat which will become their best friend until the end of the slide.

Guests will then plunge down the 10-story high slide at 9 miles per hour twisting and turning. It’s going to be a real thrill enjoying the Ultimate Abyss which features duo slides. The slide will complete on the Boardwalk neighborhood next to the Aqua Theater at the ships aft. Those wanting to have another go at the tallest slide at sea will have to make their way up to deck 16 again!

Zip Line

Zip Line
Photo By: Royal Caribbean International

The ship is so big that there is even a Zip Line but those guests scared of heights¬†may want to skip it. Located towards the aft, the Zip Line offers the pinnacle of all fears with views straight down to the Boardwalk neighbourhood below. The good news is you’ll get to see all the amazing views of the inside balcony staterooms, the Sports Zone and everything around.

The Zip Line is also featured on Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas and has become a regular thrill feature on the oasis class ships. Located around the Zip Line is also the 10-story high Ultimate Abyss and the Flowriders so guests really looking to be thrilled can just continue on to the next.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Wall
Photo By: Royal Caribbean International

The grand old wall is still giving guests a thrill across the fleet and Harmony of the Seas will not miss out on the legendary feature from Royal Caribbean. As the vessel is so big it will have 2 Rock Climbing Walls at 200 feet above the ocean if made to the top guests can experience breathtaking ocean views.

The Rock Climbing walls are an essential part of the Royal Caribbean adventure and it wouldn’t be a Royal Caribbean cruise without giving it a go. Staff will be on hand to provide assistance and training with all the safety requirements needed.

Those of you already thinking of cruising onboard the 227,000 gross ton Harmony of the Seas won’t have to wait long. The ship will be making its debut from Southampton in May 2016 with a series of sailings, then the world’s largest cruise ship will sail out of Barcelona and around the Mediterranean for its inaugural season.¬†Harmony of the Seas can carry 5,470 passengers at double occupancy and features over 2,700 staterooms.

Harmony of the Seas

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Harmony of the Seas
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