5 Things You Must Do On A Carnival Cruise Ship

One of the world’s leading cruise lines is Carnival and I’m here to tell you what you must try or experience the next time you’re on a Carnival cruise ship. I’ve worked on Carnival ships for 8 years on many different classes and over the years have seen many new onboard features introduced.

There are many things onboard a Carnival cruise ship which can be unique and loved by all kinds of different type cruisers. Let’s take a look at some of those things you must try out during your next Carnival sailing.

Guy’s Burger Joint

One of the last ships I ever worked on was the Carnival Liberty in 2012. I was lucky enough to be on the ship when the FUN 2.0 upgrades were first introduced and Carnival Liberty was the first ship to receive the updates. Guy’s Burger Joint in partnership with Food Network and TV personality Guy Fieri has become a huge success as part of the FUN 2.0 enhancements. Guests can get a freshly made burger with fries on the side, but what’s really good is you can choose from a huge selection of add on’s just across the way. In fact, Guy’s Burger Joint is so popular that when crew members get a chance they will run on up to the open deck for lunch.

Alchemy Bar

The Alchemy Bar is another great enhancement as part of the FUN 2.0 upgrades. The pretty cool looking bar on the ship’s promenade deck is the perfect place for the “Mixologist” to notch up some creative concoction. The bar really comes alive at night with guests trying out new cocktails to get the evening going. You’ll also find it’s the first call for staff members on a night out. You can take a look at the menu from Carnival, I especially like The Deal Closer cocktail!

Free Liquor Tasting

On the first night of the cruise, the onboard Tax and Duty-Free shops will have a free liquor tasting which is just for 21 years and over. It’s a great way to start the voyage and get into

5 Things You Must Do On A Carnival Cruise Ship
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the fun mood. If you’re nice enough to the staff handing out the shots they may even offer another! It’s the best opportunity to try out some liquors which are exclusively sold onboard only and at low tax-free prices.


A cruise wouldn’t be a cruise without playing some Bingo! It’s not cheesy and not just for older cruisers. On a Carnival cruise ship, Bingo can be so much fun with themed bingo on the open decks and in the main show lounge almost every day at sea. If you’re really playing for some serious money then do it on the last day of the cruise, that’s when the prizes are really sky-high.

Evening Stroll On A Carnival Cruise Ship

For first time cruisers you might think that Carnival is just for families but that is simply so wrong. There is something for everyone, one great thing to do while onboard is go for a nice stroll around the ship from promenade deck all the way up to Lido deck and beyond. You get to see all the live action from inside and if you time it right you’ll see a grand sunset over the ocean while more chilled passengers watch Dive-In Movies under the stars! You can’t beat it. My tip is to try to find the small deck right under the bridge if you’re on a Conquest class ship, you’ll get some fantastic views.

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There are lots more to do on a Carnival cruise no matter what type of cruiser you are. These are my suggestions but feel free to add your own in the comments below.

Emrys Thakkar
Emrys Thakkar
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