5 Reasons You Should Go On a River Cruise

Taking a river cruise is a wonderful way to spend a holiday. And the great thing is – there are so many to choose from. In Europe you will find some of the most relaxing and edifying locations in the world. Go further afield to Africa, China or South America and be amazed at the sheer size and majesty of the world’s biggest rivers. Here are 5 reasons to book a river cruise as soon as you can:

There Are Countless Astonishing Destinations

From the peace and serenity of the Moselle in Germany to an epic trip down the Nile, every river has a different story to tell. If it’s culture and city sightseeing you’re looking for there is no better place to start than an Italian river cruise – cities like Venice offer a true taste of la dolce vita. If you love the wide open skies and endless opportunity of America, why not take a cruise down the Mississippi in the Deep South of the country? Here you will find a gentle pace of life and some incredible landscapes. For something completely exotic you could take a trip down the Amazon where lush rainforest scenery and abundant wildlife will take you back to nature.

You’ll Have Time To Take In The Sights

River cruises are conducted at a very leisurely pace and this is part of their charm. While ocean-going cruises may only stop for one or two nights at a destination, you will find that many cruises don’t follow such a strict timetable. Having more time to explore will give you a richer appreciation of the place you are visiting.

You Will Experience Luxury

Venice, Italy

Known for their quiet luxury and class; it’s likely that you will travel on smaller, more intimate vessels than your traditional ocean liner, this means that the service is often more attentive and the ship’s finishings more bespoke. As many travellers take river cruises for the culture and history on offer, you will also be in the company of likeminded people. Being on the water is a luxury in itself – the sensation of drifting gently through a foreign land on a fine ship is not to be missed. Depending on your cruise provider and ship you will have a choice of suites and cabins – depending on your budget you could even choose a balcony.

Onshore And On-Board Entertainment

You will not only get to see unforgettable landmarks and natural spectacles while you are on shore, many ships have their own on-board itineraries for days when you are on the water. You could take a painting class, or practice your golf swing – you might even consider dancing lessons.

Food, Wine and Fun

Champagne Glasses

There are a number of European destinations that are particularly famous for their cuisine and, of course, wine. France is a very popular destination for wine lovers to take a river cruise, with the Dordogne and Garonne rivers among the highlights. Enjoy tastings of the finest French wines in the landscapes in which they came from. Take a trip through the UNESCO protected Douro wine region in Portugal and you will be treated to a delicious journey through Port Wine Country. Enjoy sampling this iconic drink and learn about its origins and processes that go into making it. Whether you will go on a river cruise or still not sure what kind of cruise suits you, there are a number of destinations to be explored.

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