5 Reasons Why the Caribbean Is the Best for Cruise Ships

Find out more about the Caribbean, a popular cruise line region featuring many cruise ship calls. Cruising the Caribbean? Time to know about this stunning area.

With its tropical climate and relaxed vibe, the Caribbean is the classic example of a cruise vacation. Travelers who haven’t cruised in the Caribbean may wonder why it is so popular – after all, wouldn’t the same cruise to the same place get boring after sailing more than once? The Caribbean, however, is so vast and amazing, it is the top cruise destination in the world – for good reason. But why is this region so ideal for setting sail?

About the Caribbean

The Caribbean isn’t just one destination, it’s an amazing region of the world that encompasses more than 700 islands and islets over 92,000 square miles.

It is a diverse community of cultures that include independent countries, protectorates and colonies, creating a fusion of indigenous peoples, explorers and historical conquerors with different histories, races, ethnicities, languages, religions and more.

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Geographically, the Caribbean ranges from volcanic islands to humid jungles to cactus scrublands, as well as coral reefs and tropical and sub-tropical climates, and it is biologically diverse both on land and in the sea.

All of this presents an amazing opportunity for travel and exploration, and there are many reasons why cruise lines are so popular in the Caribbean.

1. Tropical Climates for Year-Round Cruising

The moderating effects of the Caribbean Sea ensure this region enjoys balmy breezes, warm waters, comfortable temperatures and plenty of sun year-round, ideal for cruising at any time of year.

The first six months of the year are the general “dry season” with lighter rainfall, while the second half of the year can see much greater rainfall depending on the elevation and geography of different ports.

Water temperatures are a consistent 72-88 degrees Fahrenheit (22-31 degrees Celsius) year-round, ideal for all sorts of water sports. While hurricane season (June 1 through November 30) is a concern, the region is vast enough that cruise lines are easily able to reschedule ship itineraries to avoid dangerous storms.

2. Cultural Diversity to Always See Something New

With so many cultures making up the Caribbean region, cruise ships always have unique and different ports to visit – from Antigua to the Virgin Islands, there are dozens of island nations in the region, as well as different countries bordering the Caribbean Sea, including Mexico, Belize, Panama and more.

Many cruise lines have also invested in their own private islands in the Caribbean, giving their passengers an intimate experience with local flair.

While some ports of call are more popular, such as the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas and Jamaica, there are more exotic options available on different cruises. This diversity highlights a wide range of cultures with different languages, foods, music, art, history, religions, races and ethnicities, each of which brings its own unique touch to the Caribbean.

At each port of call, passengers can explore another tiny piece of what makes this region so unique and varied, and cruise lines schedule itineraries to offer passengers a broad range of choices on each voyage.

3. Flexibility to Change Itineraries as Needed

Cruise lines love the Caribbean for many reasons, one of which is the great flexibility to change itineraries if unique circumstances arise.

Because the area is packed with different ports, ships can easily adjust their schedules and sailings to avoid poor weather, political unrest, uncertain crime zones, disease outbreaks or other concerns.

Furthermore, if a ship has mechanical problems that may limit its cruising speed and range, its itineraries can easily be adjusted to offer different ports of call without taking risks or depriving passengers of multiple ports to visit.

4. Natural Beauty on Land and Sea

The Caribbean provides one of the most stunning backdrops for any vacation with its astonishing natural beauty. While at sea, there is no way to beat the crystal clear turquoise waters, phenomenal sunrises and sunsets and the wonderful views as ships sail into port.

On land, the lush tropical foliage is home to brilliant flowers, and the white sand beaches are just as relaxing as they are stunning.

The area’s natural biodiversity is home to hundreds of species of birds, butterflies, tropical fish, marine mammals and other animals.

Cruise passengers often enjoy unique opportunities to swim with dolphins or stingrays, explore amazing coral reefs while snorkeling or scuba diving or just enjoy the beauty of the region on shore tours or while independently exploring ports.

5. Easy Access for Convenient Traveling

Even the most amazing cruise destination won’t be popular if it’s too difficult for travelers to reach. The Caribbean, fortunately, is very accessible with different cruise embarkation ports in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina, Alabama and Puerto Rico, as well as cruises embarking in more distant ports for transoceanic, Panama Canal, repositioning and other long cruises that will visit the Caribbean.

This gives travelers a great deal of flexibility with their arrangements while still planning to take advantage of all the Caribbean has to offer, and makes this region a hub of cruise activity.

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With so much available to explore and enjoy, it is possible to cruise in the Caribbean over and over and over again without ever taking the same cruise twice. All major cruise lines offer Caribbean itineraries – which one will be your next cruise getaway?

Melissa Mayntz
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