Cruise Tips Discover 5 Different Cruises to Enjoy in Goa

5 Different Cruises to Enjoy in Goa

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The word ‘cruise’ means ‘a voyage or a journey undertaken in a ship or a boat for a pleasurable purpose or as a holiday trip which moves along different places’. India is known to be a wholesome place for tourists and when it comes specifically with an idea for a journey through a water body, Goa has been known to pop as the very first option. Always been known to be the ‘abode’ of plentiful beaches or the ‘golden’ beaches, cruising but naturally comes as an accompanying addition.

Five Good Options Offered in Goa to Cruise Through

Why Goa for the Cruise? Goa being a commercial hub for the tourists who come from all across, the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) has arranged for the availability of Cruises too for the tourists.

Five of the most noticeable ones there are:

  1. Starting from the GTDC itself, it is known to conduct some of the very well-known river cruises on the river Mandovi. A luxury launch, Santa Monica, organizes many evening cruises on this well-known river. What makes this cruise bright and gay is the various cultural performances to gel perfectly with the mood of relaxation and entertainment for its tourists. To top it all, one can spot water creatures like dolphins and crocodiles.


  1. Sunset Cruise is yet another option to go for a river cruise. This cruise starts at 6 pm in the evenings every day. This cruise is special because it enables the tourist to come in contact with some ‘ethical’ places like Aguada fort, Reis fort, and even the Cabo Raj Bhawan. What accompanies along are the cultural Goan dances like Dekni Temple Dance, Fugdi Dance etc. It is an acquaintance with a deep touch of Goan culture right in the middle of the water! To make things more romantic, the sunset view from the boat is stunning!


  1. The Full Moon Cruise, as the name indicates, is conducted only on the full moon day. The starting off time of it is 5.30 p.m. and has been especially arranged for the tourists to soak in the glittering and cooling rays of the moon in its fullness, with the rippling sound of the river as the background!


  1. Konkan Explores, yet another Cruise to give a serious consideration to, is one that is arranged in a House Boat sort of manner. Their yacht ‘Noctune Indien’ has three chambers and can accommodate six passengers. The amenities are akin to any deluxe hotel and the duration too varies: from one hour to 20 hours. It cruises along the Chapora river and even goes touching base with Arabian see, in the longer duration one. This one is holidaying on board type!


  1. Paradise Cruise is one of those which has the ‘exclusive’ feature of having a triple deck sort of cruise. The cruise starts at 5.45 p.m. and lasts for an hour. This is actually the fastest and possibly the most enjoyable way to make a complete circumference of the Goan capital, Panjim that sails on Mandovi river. What accompanies is not merely the sightseeing but also Goan Cultural performances in terms of dances and a lot of local music to keep the tempo flowing and going!

Cruising, all across the west, has been considered to be a pleasurable activity and the trend is seen in India too: Goa being the sailing example of it! So, if one is to consider Goa as the destination to indulge in some pleasurable dangling in waters, the options are plentiful. Truly speaking, without the experiencing of having undertaken a cruise, the holiday to Goa is incomplete. Go Cruising to Enjoy Goa in Its Entirety!

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