5 Amazing Cruise Vacation Destinations in India

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India is a vast, sprawling specimen of extensive natural beauty that has a charm of its own, and there are vacation destinations that you just can’t ignore. Travelling on a cruise is something everyone fancies, and with all of the numerous opportunities to travel around the world, one would think that there might also be some spots in India that can be cruised over. This is a fact that can certainly not be denied because India does have some beautiful cruise-worthy locations, and if you’re planning your next vacation to go on a cruise, take a look at the following five amazing cruise vacation destinations in India.

Cochin Cruise

Photo by: kt.beyondperception, CC BY-SA 2.0

The most popular of beach cruise locations of India, the Cochin Cruise is a delightful experience that one can’t help but indulge in. There are many cruises to choose from, based on your time and budget, but rest assured that the experience of any chosen cruise is just as enthralling. The weather of Cochin is pleasant and enjoyable all year round, so you never have to worry about extreme weather conditions. The cruise is certain to offer the best treatment a tourist looks for. A family vacation on the Cochin beach cruise is also the best of its kind.

Goa Cruise

goa harbor cruise
Photo by David Weekly, CC BY 2.0

Goa is, as the world knows, one of the most sought after tourist destinations of India, and the extensive scope of beach activities you can get involved in is endless. There are plenty cruises to choose from at Goa, starting from the river cruise to the week-long beach cruises that will leave you asking for more. Goa Cruises combine everything a traveller needs, be it relaxation or adventure. Enjoy the traditional Goan delicacies offered on the cruises and spend a day of dancing and fun with your loved one; you’ll surely be caught up in the unmistakeable charm Goa.

Brahmaputra River Cruise

brahmaputra river cruise
Photo by: Travelling Slacker, CC BY 2.0

The mighty Brahmaputra River is a sight for sore eyes. The enchanting villages and bountiful banks of this vast river are something a traveller must experience. Dolphins and rare birds are just a glimpse of the beauty that is the countryside of River Brahmaputra, and the assortment of delicacies served on the cruise is nothing short of amazing. You will never get enough of this river cruise, for it is surely the most captivating one of all. Brahmaputra River Cruise is an example of how unstinted India is when it comes to natural beauty.

Kerala Backwater Cruise

kerala backwater cruise
Photo by: Ryan, CC BY 2.0

The popularity of Kerala’s natural beauty keeps on increasing every day, and tourists flock there for a cooling summer almost every year. There must be something so invariably enticing about it, right? It wouldn’t be wrong to assume so, and the Kerala Backwater Cruise is proof enough of the beauty of this state. Traverse through the wonderful waters of Kerala while admiring the rice villages and famous spice plantations. You can also indulge in the sumptuous South Indian cuisine that the cruise has to offer, which is certain to leave an everlasting impression. There is nothing but utter calmness and peace when you’re in Kerala, sailing through the wondrous rivers and lakes amidst looming hilltops that can leave you entranced for longer than you’d think.

The Golden Triangle Cruise

This twelve night royal cruise is one of the most luxurious cruise ships of India, which takes you through Delhi to Kolkata across the sprawling waters of the Ganges. The Golden Triangle cruise will provide you with the most royal and prolific kind of treatment ever and you are sure not to forget it even after you’ve left. Through the extensive landscape of Delhi to Kolkata, you can experience the northern and eastern India like never before. It is a land and board cruise with six nights on land and seven days on water, with stoppages at the most popular and lavish hotels of Agra and Jaipur.

Once you’ve sailed in these cruise ships through India, we guarantee that you will never forget that mesmerizing experience. So pack up your bags and head over to one of these brilliant cruise vacations!

Rohit Agarwal
Rohit Agarwal
Rohit is an avid traveler who loves adventure sports, sea sports and cruises. His stories are all about his experiences that allow the readers of TransIndiaTravels.com to grab all the know-how of a destination.


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