Cruise News Princess Cruises 456 Cases of Coronavirus Confirmed From Quarantined Cruise Ship

456 Cases of Coronavirus Confirmed From Quarantined Cruise Ship

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Japanese authorities have now confirmed another 99 people have been infected by the Coronavirus which brings the new total to 456.

New Diamond Princess Coronavirus Cases

It’s getting stressful aboard the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship for the people who still remain onboard. 99 new cases have been confirmed by the Japanese Ministry of Health and that now brings the number of infections from the ship up to 456. There are still many more guests who are under quarantine in their cabins still awaiting their result.

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Anyone who tests positive will be taken off the vessel in Yokohama, Japan and taken for further medical treatment at a medical facility on land. Health officials will also be starting a new process of testing from February 18 but this may not be completed by the end of the current quarantine on February 19. Also, those who have been in close contact with an infected person may need to restart their 14-day quarantine.

It’s getting tough for those who remain onboard especially now that almost 400 U.S. nationals were evacuated yesterday on two charter flights by the U.S. Department of State. Passengers who have not tested positive and from Canada, Australia, Italy, and Hong Kong are also going to be evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

David and Sally Abel have been keeping people updated through vlogging and have been angered towards the British government of not evacuations its citizens like what other countries are doing. There are 74 Brits on the Princess cruise ship and the UK Foreign Office is considering sending a charter flight to get them out.

One of the latest vlogs by David Abel from their cruise cabin who is still waiting for the results and getting frustrated with not knowing anything:

The crew is working hard on making sure passengers are comfortable even though they could be in for even further quarantine after all guests finally disembark the vessel. The cruise ship has the largest amount of Coronavirus infections outside of China. There are also 62 infections in Japan not from the Diamond Princess.

The virus which is named COVID-19 has currently infected more than 71,000 people around the world and the death toll is now at 1,775 with the majority in mainland China.

Diamond princess Cruise Ship in Japan

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Diamond princess Cruise Ship in Japan
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