4 Reasons Why to Get Hitched on a Carnival Cruise

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Weddings are a big deal – for most, it’s always a huge family affair. Modern couples go out of their way to work in the crazy details to everything from invites, to the venue, flowers, food, and even the seemingly trivial aspects like social media hashtags and the like.

Wedding venues are also a big deal – an expensive hotel, an out-of-town posh destination, or a centuries-old church – these are just but a few of the options that make it on the extensive list.

But, there are those who would rather sit back, lounge around, and literally ‘cruise’ their way through the wedding.

Why should you choose to have your most memorable day onboard a Carnival Cruise? Here are the four best reasons why:

1. Less fuss, more relaxed preps

Photo By: Luke Anderson (Creative Commons)

Well before you start getting unrealistic expectations that you will be doing nothing to prepare for your wedding, let’s get it straight – you still have to make some minimal preps. But, you’re definitely going to save yourself from the stressful months of stressful meetings, shopping, list-making, and the like.

You can customize the day’s details too with your choice of flowers, hors d’oeuvres, champagne, and the like. In addition, you can simply avail cruise packages that will allow you to have the wedding ceremony onboard.

The Carnival Cruise’s wedding packages include the services of an event manager, performance of the ceremony, an onboard coordinator, ceremony music, a bridal bouquet with matching boutonniere, a traditional two-tiered wedding cake, and even chocolate covered strawberries!

Instead of you poring over myriad details over a stretch of weeks, all you have to do is sign up for a wedding package to add to your adventure, make a few choices, and you’re good to go.

You’ll also feel less pressure to accommodate every relative, friend, or colleague since allowed guests are limited. A very intimate wedding, with just a few choice loved ones in attendance, or even just the two of you, becomes very much possible, when you decide to tie the knot on a cruise.

2. You can have an elegant wedding onboard, or at a stunning onshore space

One of the best benefits of choosing a Carnival Cruise wedding is this: you can either have part of the beautiful ship dressed up for your event, or you can have it at the exotic port of call. The latter, depending on your cruise, is most likely a picturesque beach or a nature-rich area. Either way, it’s guaranteed to be a gorgeous and romantic venue for an unforgettable ceremony.

An onboard wedding has its benefits – it’s easier to manage logistics, especially when weather becomes a concern. You also need less decorative elements (but always have the option to add more), since Carnival ships are a picture of elegance as is.

But of course, bringing your ceremony to an onshore venue is also a sound option. Not only are most destinations naturally breathtaking, they serve as a memorable backdrop for a very special occasion such as yours. Think about it: a Caribbean beach for a wedding venue, or beautiful European architecture as your wedding ‘background’ – precious.

3. It’s a wedding and honeymoon effortlessly rolled into one

Cruise Deck
Photo By: Russell Otway

When you plan ‘regular’ weddings, you plan your honeymoon separately. And it’s not like the latter is always a breeze to prepare for. There’s the matter of finding the best hotel, putting together a few days’ itineraries – it can get crazy too.

But, when you decide to have your wedding on a Carnival Cruise ship instead, well, you pretty much take care of both in one go. Make arrangements on the wedding ceremony and reception upon booking, and make sure to detail out any specific requests to the crew so you’ll have zero worries on the day of the ceremony.

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Now of course, the honeymoon part is what comes after (and even before!) as you enjoy the ship’s world-class facilities and the exquisite port of call excursions. You’ll get to meet new people along the way, and kickstart your life goal of making a fresh batch of memories as a couple.

Now that’s quite a honeymoon isn’t it?

4. Food and drinks overload, and recreational options galore!

Carnival Cruise Drink
Photo By: Connie Ma (Creative Commons)

A Carnival Cruise ship offers the bride and groom more than just a place for the ceremony and reception – it provides them a means to enjoy a stress-free honeymoon and an overall grand vacation experience that you don’t always get with a ‘regular’ wedding.

Of course, there’s the seemingly endless list of dining options with restaurants like BlueIgiana Cantina, Guy’s Burger Joint, Pizza Pirate, the Lido Restaurant, Seaday Brunch, the Taste Bar, and more to choose from.

You’ll have every honeymoon craving satisfied! The best thing about this is, most of the restaurants are included in your cruise fare, so you can easily manage expense.

Now you don’t have to look any further when it comes to keeping busy on a Carnival Cruise either. There’s an IMAX onboard, the infamous WaterWorks, the SkyRide, and there are bars and a casino too!

You can even play basketball, volleyball, mini-golf and dodgeball while appreciating the great big blue ocean during your ‘free time’. Don’t forget to catch a performance at the Carnival LIVE as well – it’s totally worth staying up a bit later for!

Need some pamper me time as a couple (or individually)? The Cloud 9 Spa on Carnival Cruises will be your relaxation haven onboard. And even if you’re bringing kids with you, there’s a lot of fun options offered to them too through Club Carnival, Camp Ocean, SportSquare, Seuss at Sea and more!

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Book for a wedding onboard a Carnival Cruise, and get a truly unique experience to seal your “I Do”. Start making those lovely memories together!

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