4 Cruise Ships Meeting Up Provides Views Never To Forget

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The entire Fred Olsen fleet met up in July, 2015 as part of a Norwegian celebration in Bergen and this video which our friends at Liner Lovers posted is breathtaking. We were going to feature the cruise lines official video but they disabled the video from being shared (must be that good!).

The fleet of four Fred Olsen cruise ships including Black Watch, Boudicca, Braemar and the flagship Balmoral met up for the first time ever on July 28th. The one of a kind meetup was part of the Bergen festival in Norway. Just like the historic meeting with the Cunard line fleet in May, 2015 in Liverpool the Fred Olsen ships formed up with several specially crafted maneuvers which began at around 8 a.m.

The ships showed off with amazing views all day long to the delight of the crowds in Bergen and onboard all four cruise ships. the vessels finally departed the port city at around 6 p.m. under a sunset never to forget.

You can read our report on the days details and what was scheduled to happen during the historic event.

Fred Olsen Cruise Ships


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Fred Olsen Cruise Ships
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