3 Best Reasons Why A Cruise Isn’t Really Expensive

A huge, elegant cruise ship with an international destination, complete with fancy restaurants, a glitzy spa, and signature brand-name stores – that’s bound to be a super ‘expensive’ way to travel right? The expensive cruise might not be as scary as you think.

Is A Cruise Expensive? Let’s Find Out

Yes, a cruise isn’t exactly an easy-on-the-pocket road trip for everybody, but there are good reasons why experienced cruisers say it isn’t really as ‘pricey’ as you’d think it would be. Want to know why? Here’s a list to ponder upon which can also help you save money on your next cruise vacation:

All-Inclusive Cruises Exist

Have you ever tried to DIY your travel itineraries for an international trip? If yes, well you’ve probably already had that kind of moment when, at the end of a fun adventure, you realized that while the initial package was cheap – you actually spent far more than you intended to. It happens.

When you travel, expenses really add up. You traveled all the way to the other side of the globe right – so why not aim to see and experience as much as you can?

The concept behind all-inclusive cruising is basically the same – they’re ‘crafted’ to give you a unique travel experience that gives you the best of all worlds. All-inclusive cruises usually include your cabin, food, a selection of drinks, use of the ship’s facilities, access to the various shows and productions onboard – and in some, even offshore excursions.

This kind of cruise package gives you a fuss-free way of enjoying your trip to an amazing destination, minus the worry of increasing expenses you can’t control – simply because you’d already have exactly what you need.

Food Is Abundant

Food is important in any vacation. For many, it can even make or break the ‘success’ of their travel. Imagine going to a picturesque paradise, then you get food that barely passes as ‘decent’. That’s definitely going to leave a really unpleasant mark on what’s supposed to be a blissful vacation.

Three decent meals a day on an on-land vacation will cost somewhere around $150 for a group of four per day. And that amount doesn’t exactly give you plenty of options the way a cruise menu would. On most on-land accommodations, only breakfast is included in the food provided.

Cruise food on the other hand, covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner – and in some, even snacks! In addition to the world-class food options cruise ships provide, glorious buffets are a common spread on cruise ships – which means you can have your heart’s and stomach’s fill of what your palate wants.

Basic beverages like water, tea, coffee, and some juices are also included in the package – and these just sweeten up the cruise deal even more. Specialty restaurants will incur you an extra charge, but that’s all up to you of course. Some are totally worth a try, so make sure to set aside a portion of your budget for it!

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Live Performances and Facilities You Get Access to Add Even More Value to Your Cruise Deal!

Cruise ships are like floating hotels, especially luxury ships. Pretty much all the facilities you find in land accommodations like restaurants, fitness centers, conference rooms, recreation areas, and fancy pools – you’ll find them on a cruise ship too!

That’s not all! You also get access to nightly ‘serenades’, intimate concerts, Broadway-like shows, and so much more in terms of world-class entertainment for the entire stretch of your cruise.

3 Best Reasons Why A Cruise Vacation Isn’t Really Expensive
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These are conveniently included in your cruise fare, so you don’t even have to worry about lining up for tickets or missing out on a great show. You can go to each and every one of them, with the venue literally just three minutes away from your ‘ocean address’.

These entertainment options are not exactly inexpensive on land, so getting to enjoy them when you’re onboard definitely adds an amazing amount of value to what you spend on a cruise.

Cruise travels are not exactly cheap. BUT, if you’re considering going on a grand cruise vacation, and want to get the best value for your money – then go on a cruise ship to your dream destination!

Christine Antoinette Guinto
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