24 Cruise Ships Will Call in Cozumel Through June and July

As cruise lines resume operations, 24 cruise ships will visit Cozumel through June and July 2021.

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Cozumel will be a significant factor in the restart of cruising in the Caribbean. One vessel has already called in the popular Mexican cruise port, and an additional 24 calls from eight different cruise ships are expected in the remainder of June and the upcoming month of July.

Cozumel has always been a major cruise port, welcoming thousands of visitors every day from nearly every major cruise line. Cruise passengers can now go back to enjoying the sights and sounds of the islands, including Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club, which is ready again to welcome guests.

Cozumel Expecting 50,000 Tourists in June and July

The arrival on June 16 of Adventure of the Seas, the Royal Caribbean ship sailing from the Bahamas, marked the return of cruise ships to Cozumel. The vessel has now made a second call in the port, while Celebrity Edge will be arriving in the port on June 30 for her first visit and the first stop of a cruise ship from a US port in 15 months.

Cozumel mayor Pedro Joaquin said the island is now well underway to recover financially from the cruise ship ban’s economic impact on the locals. The local government has been hard at work for more than a year with Mexico’s state and federal governments, executives, and industry representatives to bring the ships back to Cozumel. The scheduled eight vessels, making 24 calls to the island, are expected to bring 50,000 tourists.

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Cozumel Mayor Pedro Joaquin:

“We have excellent news. For the summer there are 24 confirmed cruises between June and July, representing more than 50,000 tourists on board. Our commitment is to work in unity for tourism, to generate a greater influx of visitors and more jobs for the Cozumel community. We are facing the economic and tourism crisis that has marked the history of humanity and with responsibility, we are making progress in the recovery of tourism and the cruise industry,”

On a cruise visit to Cozumel, a typical passenger and crew member will spend $119 on average. In the 2017-2018 season, Cozumel led all Caribbean destinations with income from Cruise lines. The port made a total of $474 million throughout the year.

Cruise Ships in Cozumel, Mexico
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Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club is Ready

One of the most popular spots for cruise ship passengers is, of course, Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club. The popular beach club has already been receiving guests from Adventure of the Seas and posted several videos and images on their Facebook page of the happy occasion.

Staff members lined up at the resort entrance to welcome the first guests from a cruise ship in 15 months. As we reported back in February of this year, the beach club has been going through uncertain times. Many cruise lines thought at the time they would not be able to offer any tours to Mr. Sancho’s as it would not fall under the bubble travel theory, which was in play at the time.

With vaccinations and a reasonably relaxed atmosphere onboard ships sailing under the 95% rule, Mr. Sancho’s Beach Club is ready to welcome guests once again.

Which Cruise Ships Will Visit Cozumel?

The list below shows the ships that are scheduled to call in Cozumel this June and July. Celebrity Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, and MSC Cruises all have ships scheduled to sail to Cozumel. This list is subject to change.

Cruise ShipDate in Cozumel
Celebrity Edge30 June
Adventure Of The Seas30 June
Adventure Of The Seas07 July
MSC Meraviglia07 July
Carnival Vista  08 July
Celebrity Equinox08 July
Carnival Horizon 08 July
Celebrity Edge 14 July
Adventure Of The Seas14 July
MSC Divina15 July
Carnival Vista15 July
Carnival Breeze17 July
Adventure Of The Seas21 July
MSC Meraviglia21 July
Carnival Breeze22 July
Carnival Vista22 July
Celebrity Equinox22 July
Carnival Horizon22 July
Carnival Breeze27 July
Celebrity Edge28 July
Adventure Of The Seas28 July
MSC Divina29 July
Carnival Vista29 July
Carnival Breeze31 July

 One day to take note of is June 30 when Celebrity Edge and Adventure of the Seas will both be on Cozumel on the same day. This will be the first time two cruise ships will call at the island in more than 15 months.


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