Cruise News Atleast 170 People Sick With Norovirus On Caribbean Princess

Atleast 170 People Sick With Norovirus On Caribbean Princess

It’s now being reported that another cruise ship has been hit by a Norovirus outbreak but this time it’s the Caribbean Princess which is operated by Princess Cruises. It just shows that the gastrointestinal illness which causes vomiting and diarrhea can spread on any cruise ship no matter how many times the crew sanitize.

According the CDC, 162 passengers and 11 crew members have been ill onboard. The good news is that the vessel is already coming to an end of its 7-day cruise. But the voyage will be ending 1 day early which many have led to believe is due to the Norovirus outbreak. According to Princess Cruises the reason for heading home early has been due to heavy fog which is set to close the cruise terminal in Houston. So the Caribbean Princess is trying to race back before it hits.

The crew onboard have been using the time to extensively sanitize and clean the ship ready for the next cruise. Two CDC Vessel Sanitation Program environmental health officers are also going to board the ship once it arrives in Houston. They will take samples and investigate further into the virus.


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