10 Things You Absolutely Need for Your Alaskan Cruise

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Are you thinking about booking an Alaskan cruise this year? Alaska is often considered “The Last Frontier” in America. This rugged landscape full of mountains, and glaciers is ideal for anyone looking to explore their wild side.

These special cruises often offer luxurious amenities alongside breathtaking views. Best yet, excursions give you the opportunity to explore special interests you may have in Alaska.

In planning your Alaskan cruise, it is important to pack the right gear for the trip. Often times, we forget to take the weather of a destination into account when packing, especially in terms of activities.

But, there is no need to worry. We compiled a list of ten must-have items for a cruise into this untouched destination. Here are ten items to include in your suitcase bound for Alaska.

1. Rainproof, Warm Jacket

A jacket is essential in Alaska, as the weather in the summer tends to be on the chillier side. However, it is easy to forget that summer is actually Alaska’s rainy season. Therefore, pack a jacket that can withstand the rain, onboard and offboard.

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As well, it is usually best to choose a more lightweight jacket, so that it is easier to carry in the event that it warms up.

2. Waterproof Hiking Shoes

An Alaskan cruise is unlike other more tropical cruises in that it may include more strenuous hikes. A durable pair of hiking shoes or boots is important on a cruise here, as you will likely encounter plenty of opportunities to explore Alaska on foot.

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In addition, try to choose a pair that is waterproof. This prevents them from any damage that may result from rain or mountain streams you may pass through.

3. Touch Screen Compatible Gloves

Gloves are a no-brainer on a cruise to Alaska, as it can be very chilly on the boat, especially at night. Choose your gloves carefully. The last thing that you want is to miss a picture-perfect opportunity because you had to take your gloves off first.

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Touch-Screen compatible gloves will easily solve this problem, and allow you to snap a picture regardless of how cold your hands are.

4. Layerable Clothes

As in many cooler climates, layers are everything in terms of clothing. The weather can change quickly in the destination, and layers allow you more freedom.

As a general guide, pack a variety of color-coordinated clothing that can be worn alone, or under or over something else. This way, you will never be caught off-guard if there is an unseasonably warm or cold day.

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5. Warm Beanie

As humans, we tend to lose a lot of heat from our heads. Therefore, a warm beanie or winter hat becomes an asset. This is especially true for windy on-deck travel days, as a hat will also keep your hair in place.

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6. Comfortable Jeans

Jeans are essential for most vacations, as they are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

There is also a fairly good chance that shorts will not be needed on an Alaskan cruise, allowing jeans to serve as a comfortable substitute.

7. Quality Binoculars

There are eight whales that are spotted on the Alaskan coast. There are also commonly sea otters and dolphins among the waves.

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This is why a great pair of binoculars is an asset because, on the cruise ship, you will find yourself searching the waters for signs of life. In addition, binoculars will help you see the beautiful coastline of Alaska all the better.

8. Everyday Sneakers

Versatile sneakers are the perfect shoe to wear around the cruise ship, as well as walking around elsewhere. It’s best to find a pair that is very comfortable and will provide you adequate support in your journies.

As well, bring a pair or two that go with multiple outfits, especially considering any layers you may be wearing.

9. Backpack or Large Purse

A large bag, backpack, or purse is a key part of almost any cruise. Even in walking around on the ship, there are probably a few items that you would like to carry with you such as a laptop, or a book.

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A bag would give you a place to keep your hat, gloves, and jacket to stay warm throughout the cruise. Best yet, a stylish backpack could double as a hiking bag to carry all the outdoor essentials such as sunscreen, bug spray, water, and snacks.

10. Durable Hiking Pants

A durable pair of hiking pants will be your best friend on a cruise to Alaska. The landscape is full of brush, as well rocks, ice, and other potential hazards.

Therefore, choose a pair that will not tear easily, and that will dry quickly in case they get wet. This will save you a lot of hassle and worry. Hiking pants tend to have more pockets and provide more warmth than regular pants, all the while protecting you from the sun.

Get the Most Out of Your Alaskan Cruise

Choosing the right items to pack is only part of what makes an amazing cruise vacation. It is also important to pick the right cruise line. There is nothing worse than an overpriced, unexciting cruise. The right cruiseliner will have plenty of excursions for you to choose from, as well as tons of amenities.

Moreover, it will not break the bank with its pricing. Consider looking for a deal in choosing your cruise to Alaska, and compare prices to ensure you get the most out of it.

Regardless, an Alaskan cruise is a life-changing event that will show you a natural, untamed world like no other. You will not regret indulging in this easy vacation option.

Now that you know what to bring, check out this post on what to leave at home when you cruise to help you further slim down your packing list.

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