10 Royal Caribbean Stock Price Benefits and Tips

Do you love setting off to exciting destinations aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship?

If you’re an avid cruiser, it’s smart to invest in the company that you trust to take you to around the world. You already know that you love this cruise line’s accommodations and amenities, but did you know that you can become a shareholder in the Royal Caribbean enterprise?

If stocks overwhelm you, don’t worry. The process is simple and the perks are definitely worth it. Today, we’re sharing the details to know if you’re ready to take this step, including the Royal Caribbean stock price, shareholder benefits, insider tips, and more.

The rewards don’t have to stop as soon as you leave the ship! Read on to discover how to get in on the action today.

1. Understand Why You Should Invest in Royal Caribbean Stock

You know you want to invest your hard-earned money, but why should you look to the stock market? Put simply, it’s one of the most proven and effective investment options around.

Not only is it more affordable than you think, but if you’re willing to weather the inevitable ebbs and flows of the market, your potential returns could be substantial. This is especially the case if you diversify your investments, dividing your earnings among stocks, bonds, CDs, savings accounts and more. 

Of course, before diving into this new journey, it’s smart to do your research. A qualified financial advisor can help you understand how the process works and which stocks to consider. They can also analyze your risk tolerance level to help you create a portfolio that works for you.

2. Learn the Technical Details 

Take one look at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and you might think you’re reading in a different language. Company names are abbreviated, the charts can be challenging to read, and the percentages might not make sense out of context. 

That’s why we’re here to make it as simple as possible. 

You’ll find Royal Caribbean listed in the NYSE in the following format: NYSE: RCL.

Technically, Royal Caribbean Group is the operating business name for the longer, more official brand of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. In all, Royal Caribbean Group owns and manages four separate global cruise line brands. These include:

  • Royal Caribbean International
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Silversea
  • Azamara

In addition, Royal Caribbean Group also has a 50% ownership stake in a joint venture that oversees TUI Cruises, as well as Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. In all, these brands own and operate a combined fleet of 62 cruise ships, and with 16 additional ships ordered in July 2020.

3. Understand the Royal Caribbean Stock Price

When discussing stock price, it’s important to understand that these prices are fluid. On a typical day, the price of a share might not fluctuate much. However, there are market forces at play on a second-by-second basis that can affect the opening and closing prices of any stock.

That said, the Royal Caribbean stock price is also subjected to those fluctuations. As of the time of this writing, the closing price per share was $58.83. The day’s high reached $59.98 and the day’s low was $57.90.

“Share” is a term that refers to the smallest denomination of a given company’s stock. In short, they represent individual units of stock. Your percentage of ownership in the company will depend upon the number of shares you own in proportion to the total number of shares available. 

4. Discover the Benefits of Holding Royal Caribbean Stock

When you invest in Royal Caribbean stock, you do more than simply gain a degree of ownership in the company. You also become privy to shareholder-only perks that can set you ahead of other cruise line enthusiasts.

Royal Caribbean Group distributes its benefits as onboard credits that are available on a per-stateroom basis. These credits increase as you book more nights onto your trip. In all, they are as follows:

  • Sailings of 14 or more nights: $250 onboard credit per stateroom 
  • Sailings of 6 to 13 nights: $100 onboard credit per stateroom 
  • Sailings of 5 nights or less: $50 onboard credit per stateroom 

As you can see, the only detail that determines the amount of your onboard credit is the number of nights that you sail. It does not matter which type of cabin or stateroom you stay in, the services you book, or the destination you choose.

Docked Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship
Photo Credit: Benjamin Clapp / Shutterstock.com

5. Know How the Credits Work

Any time you book a Royal Caribbean cruise, you’ll set up a cashless SeaPass account card, which you’ll use to make purchases while you sail. These credits will appear on that account card, usually showing up around two to three days into your cruise.

As you spend, Royal Caribbean will automatically deduct those credits from your SeaPass account. This means you don’t have to specify which purchases you want to pay for yourself, and which you want to apply the credits toward. As soon as your onboard credits run out, Royal Caribbean will begin charging your account as normal.

In addition, remember that your credits and your reservation number are interlinked and associated with one another. This makes it easy to make plans, schedule events and keep everything in line.

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6. Ensure Your Eligibility

The only two requirements that you’ll need to meet before you can cash in on these perks?

You must have an eligible reservation (determined by Royal Caribbean Group) and you must hold a minimum of 100 shares of Royal Caribbean stock at the time of the sailing in question. 

7. Redeem Your Benefit

Don’t let this shareholder benefit pass you by because you weren’t sure of the fine-print details!

If you meet the eligibility requirements listed above, you will need to assemble a few documents and submit them to Royal Caribbean. In addition to making sure that you’ve included all of the right information, another important part of this process is ensuring that you send it all in on time.

Royal Caribbean must receive all of your files in their office at least two to three weeks before your cruise line sets sail. 

Here are the details on what to prepare and who to send it to.

Personal Data and Trip Details

On one file, you’ll need to list your pertinent personal data, including your name and address. In addition, this is also the space to include details on your upcoming cruise, including:

  • Your trip confirmation number
  • Specific ship booked
  • Sailing date

Share-Specific Data

The above details are required so Royal Caribbean can confirm that you are indeed an upcoming passenger on one of their cruise lines. In addition, they will also need to verify that you do indeed hold stock in the company. The documentation they require to process this confirmation includes:

  • A copy of your shareholder proxy card
  • A current statement from your brokerage (60 to 90 days) or
  • A current trade confirmation or broker letter (on letterhead) that shows proof of share ownership in RCL

With this information, you’ll also need to re-confirm other key details about your trip, including your sailing date, the name of your vessel and your reservation or booking number. 

Submitting the Documents

Once you have all of your documents assembled, it’s time to make sure they get to the right place!

Your first option is to mail the documentation. If you go this route, you can address the package to: Royal Caribbean Group, Investor Relations, 1050 Caribbean Way, Miami, FL 33132-2096.

Or, you may also choose to fax the documents. In this case, you’ll send the to the following fax number: (305) 373-6699. In addition, you can also email a JPEG or PDF image of the required files to the RCL email address at shareholderbenefit@rccl.com.

More recently, the RCL created an online portal that allows shareholders to submit their requests for benefits with just a few clicks. The official name of the page is the Royal Caribbean Shareholder Onboard Credit Offer Request Form. This digital form will take you through a list of questions that you can answer by filling in the blanks or clicking the correct response. 

If you have any difficulty submitting the files or you have questions about how the process works, you can contact the RCL Shareholder Benefit Team at 954-628-9325, selecting Option #3.

Now, you’ve done the legwork and earned eligibility for shareholder benefits! Now, it’s smart to make sure you optimize them as much as possible. To learn as much as possible about the benefits, as well as a full list of restrictions, you can access the complete offer letter here.

Here are a few tips to help you stretch those credits and help your stock work for you.

8. Redeem With Loved Ones

Unfortunately, Royal Caribbean shareholder benefits are non-transferrable. That means you won’t be able to let your friend, relative or colleague cash in on them without you.

Specifically, the RCL platform states that the benefit can only be applied toward the stateroom in which the eligible shareholder is sailing. Moreover, you can only use one shareholder credit per stateroom on any individual sailing.

Yet, there’s a minor detail that can make a major difference. 

The regulation states that the onboard credit will be applied on a per-stateroom basis, double occupancy. That means you and your significant other can enjoy these perks together! If you’re the only shareholder, you’ll have to be the one who claims the credit, though you’re free to spend it on your partner as you desire.

Want to amplify your earnings? If you and your partner are both frequent cruisers, consider holding joint shares. For shares held jointly, 100 shares are still required for each onboard credit request that you submit. 

9. Use More Than Once

One of the best parts about owning Royal Caribbean stock? Your shareholder benefits are far from one-and-done tokens of appreciation.

Rather, you can redeem these credits every time you sail.

As long as you book a cruise on one of RCL’s eligible cruise line brands (Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises or Azamara), there’s no limit to the number of times you can cash in on the onboard credits. 

Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Ship

10. Spend Your Credit Wisely

You can’t use your onboard credit to pay for service charges or pre-purchased activities. However, there are plenty of ways to spend it and enjoy every second.

To use your credits, you’ll simply access your SeaPass card, which works similarly to a debit card. From there, you’ll find a range of amenities to spend them on, from massages to shore excursions!

As you stroll the ship, consider spending some of your credits on shopping excursions, or on souvenirs to bring home to your family. Or, book a luxurious spa treatment and really find out what paradise is all about. In addition, you can also use your credits to indulge in fine dining experiences, including deluxe cocktails, speciality menu items and more.

Royal Caribbean Stock: FAQs

Looking for more information before you invest in Royal Caribbean stock? Let’s take a look at some answers to the most commonly asked questions. 

Can I Combine My Benefits With Other Offers?

Are you already taking advantage of special interline rates, travel agent rates, or employee friends and family rates? If so, you will not be able to use your shareholder benefits in combination with these lower prices. 

Are the Benefits Available to Employees?

No. Royal Caribbean shareholder benefits are not available to employees of the cruise line.

Can Travel Agents or Tour Operators Use the Benefits?

No. You cannot access or redeem shareholder benefits if you are an agent of Royal Caribbean Group (including its subsidiaries or affiliates). They’re also inaccessible for travel agents and tour operators. 

Are There Other Restrictions?

Most of the other restrictions center on the types of sailings that are not permissible for benefit redemption. You cannot apply these credits toward any charter sailings, complimentary sailings or Galapagos sailings.

What Currency Are the Benefits Distributed In?

Your onboard credits will be calculated in U.S. dollars. The only exception would be on certain sailings, where the onboard currency that’s used is actually a foreign currency. If that’s the case, your credits will beconverted at a currenty exchange rate that the cruise line will set.

What Happens If I Don’t Use All of My Credits on My Trip?

By all means, use them up! Any unused credits that are remaining after the final night of your sailing will be forefited. Plus, you can’t exchange them for cash, so use this chance to indulge!

Invest in Royal Caribbean Stock Today

Now that you know more about the perks of being a shareholder, are you ready to invest in Royal Caribbean stock? If you’re already a huge fan of the cruise line, it’s time to cash in on your favorite hobby and help it work for you.

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While the specific Royal Caribbean stock price may vary, putting your money into the stock market can prove to be a lucrative and worthwhile pursuit. Before you decide, make sure to read the official offer letter to fully understand how the process works. Then, get ready to enjoy your favorite pastime with a lot more satisfaction and a little more jingle in your pocket.

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