10 Reasons Why We Think You Can’t Take A Cruise

Here’s a collection of reasons why we think you can’t cruise. Some are more important than others but they all aim to show us that nothing should stop us from booking that dream cruise. When you think deeper into each reason the list can be endless and all have different meanings in our lives. Cruising can get us away from our busy and dull everyday lives, it can reset us and open our world up to new experiences, views, and adventures.

Busy With Work

This is probably the number one reason for not being able to cruise but don’t let work win! You’re working like crazy and even when at home you’ve got a ton of work that needs to be completed. There is no time for any kind of fun or relaxation at all. There is no such thing as days off or weekends in this lifestyle. You’re really missing out on the open ocean where work can become the least most important thing. By getting away from your employment it will keep you sane and remind you why we work so much.

Never Left The Country

For those people who have never left their own country but are still too scared to commit many days abroad then cruising might be a good choice. Cruising is a good way to take a sneak peek into other cultures with some help from the cruise line. The cruise lines offer all sorts of cruises and choosing a short three-day voyage might be a good start. Experiencing other cultures will give you a much open outlook on life.

Living Far From The Coast

People who are living further inland and away from the coast often miss out on those breathtaking sunrise and sunsets over the ocean. Being stuck inland can make you forget that feeling of the fresh breeze blowing across that cruise ship deck. For sure, there are lakes and rivers but they are just aren’t the same as sailing on open water.

The Kids

The kids are so important in life and can take up much of your time but there is a way around this. Most cruise lines especially the larger ones offer services to look after your children and keep them busy. The companies are becoming more innovative with plenty of entertainment offerings and activities for them. It’s best to book that dream holiday when they are off school.

Motion Sickness

Don’t be scared about motion sickness because the cruise lines are prepared for this. When your onboard it rarely even feels like you’re on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, it’s more like a mini city and at times can be easy to forget about the sea. There are plenty of options to keep your motion sickness away before your voyage starts and even during it. Also remember, the ship will be docked in port so it’s not all sailing and you can reset yourself while visiting amazing places at the ports of calls. The gift shops and medical center onboard to provide motion sickness medication.

Not Enough Money

This is a really popular reason for not being able to cruise but don’t let the lack of money stop you. Try to budget yourself each month and keep some money towards your future cruise. If you can’t even save any money but want that holiday so much then try to look at other options including help from family and friends.

Hurricane Season

From all the videos, photos and news reports online it doesn’t make people very confident about cruising during Hurricane season. Just remember that ships don’t sail through the Hurricanes as they can see what weather is expected using technology on the bridge. In fact, it can be better as ships often have to change itinerary if a hurricane is near the vessel’s route, sometimes ships get extra overnights and even better ports of calls than the originally.

Friends & Family

Your family and friends might not be as interested in cruising as much as you so you’re stuck planning a holiday on land. Well, the best way to get out of this is to simply show each person one by one a really cool video showing all the onboard features. If that doesn’t work tell them the cruise ship can visit many destinations so everyone can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Nobody To Cruise With

Just thinking of yourself roaming the long corridors of endless cabins on your own is daunting but it doesn’t have to be. You’ll be surprised at how many people actually travel on their own including cruising. At the moment there is a growing trend for single rooms onboard and there are activities to give cruisers an opportunity to mingle and meet new people.


This is an important issue and is more important than actually cruising. We suggest focusing on getting better so at the end when you’re feeling in top notch condition you can treat yourself to that dream cruise. Check with a doctor to see if you can cruise. Also, any important medication is allowed on board so don’t let that stop you.

These are just a few reasons that might come up stopping you from cruising and the point is – don’t let anything stop you from booking that cruise that you’ve been dreaming so much about. We all have obstacles in our life but once you’re laying on that deck chair watching the ocean you’ll know it was all worth the effort.

Emrys Thakkar
Emrys Thakkar
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