10 Reasons Why We Love Cruising

Since our first cruise vacation in 2001, we’ve been hooked and there are many aspects of the experience which just keeps us connected to the sea. Here are 10 reasons why we love cruising but to be honest the number of reasons could be endless.

Meet Fellow Passengers

One of the best things about cruising is meeting fellow passengers. If single, a couple or even part of a family, cruise lines can offer plenty of chances to meet new people. With all the events held and interaction with other guests, many people have found new friends and even new loved ones.

International Dining

Cruise ships are not just about relaxing on the deck, dining usually takes center stage with all kinds of restaurants onboard. Cruise lines are investing in branded dining venues to entice new cruisers and this gives passengers more choice than ever before. Dishes from all the world’s continents are usually offered which gives us the chance to try new foods from different cultures.

Views To Remember

One of our favorite reasons for cruising is the breathtaking views available. There are those endless views of the ocean which can become even more iconic with that famous sunset. Cruising offers an unlimited supply of amazing sights and views of the ocean and at the ports. Memories are made forever thanks to social networks and we love to make everyone back at home jealous!

Port of Calls

For many passengers cruising is all about the ports of calls and we totally agree. Weeks and even months before that cruise of a lifetime the research begin on the ship’s destinations. Cruise lines are now investing even more money into dedicated cruise ports which offer really good shopping and entertainment ashore. There are breathtaking beaches with tropical blue waters and grand snow mountains overlooking local villages, these just cannot be beaten.

Everyday Life

Cruise Ships can offer us a way out of our every day’s lives and show us what we’re missing. Even though we might not think if we really need a cruise to get us away from the hustle and bustle of constant traffic, stress and dealing with work.

Experience Something New

An important part of any cruise ship sailing is experiencing something new. The smallest of ships offer unique adventures on land and intimate services on board, the biggest ships offer innovative features and activities that we would never have thought about trying on land. When a new class vessel is built we can expect something brand new for the industry which provides us with a new thrill to look forward to.

All Inclusive

We know not everything is all-inclusive but it’s still a good deal especially when cruising with the family. From casual dining to room service, all these make cruising just that much better and enjoyable. There’s nothing better than going to the dining room and experiencing that great service and food as part of the cruise package. Also with award-winning entertainment shows and acts cruising beats on land resorts several times over!

Sailing The Ocean

10 Reasons Why We Love Cruising
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And what’s the first thing we think about when a cruise ship is mentioned? Sailing that vast open ocean of course! Just the thought of sailing all around the world to exotic destinations makes us want to cruise. The only worry we have is sometimes when on a ship it can be easy to forget that we’re actually in the middle of the ocean. With all the activities, features and services to get involved with it can be easy to get carried away.

Crew Members

The crew onboard can make or break a cruise. They are an important part of the experience and can make the voyage extra special. We love chatting with the staff about their time working onboard and experiences on land. For those that cruise a lot, there are even times when the same crew members are met again on a different ship.

Find out more about the crew members right here.

Our Terms

The good thing about cruising is that we can choose how to enjoy it. With so many ways to relax and fun at sea, we can choose how to make an experience never to forget. Even if we’re not in the mood to get involved in all the shows and activities we can still be alone relaxing in the sun or even chilling on the balcony with a nice glass of wine. We love to enjoy the cruise that best suits us.

Emrys Thakkar
Emrys Thakkar
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