10 Pictures You Have to Take on a Carnival Cruise

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A cruise can be an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime getaway, and thanks to digital cameras, smartphones, and camera-equipped tablets, it’s easy to capture the memories of your oceangoing vacation with a series of fun snapshots.

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What Carnival Cruise Photos You Should Take?

But what shots do you want to be sure you don’t miss on your Carnival cruise? These 10 must-take photos are essential for your cruise vacation album and photo sharing.

Sail-Away Selfie

Whether you are on deck or on your private balcony, don’t miss capturing your sail-away selfie with the embarkation port in the background to mark the moment when your vacation begins.

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Big smiles are essential, and you might want to hold up your stateroom key card, cruise newsletter, or even that first delicious Funship Special drink of the day to show that you’re really on vacation.

Fun With the Funnel

The red, white and blue “whale tail” funnel is a key feature of every Carnival cruise ship. Get up close and personal with the funnel for a great photo, or be sure to frame a shot that highlights this iconic smokestack.

How to Buy a Cruise on Carnival Cruise Line
Photo By: Melissa Mayntz

Because the funnel is so prominent, you can take this photo from different deck levels or angles, or even from underneath larger, glassed-in funnels for an amazing perspective.

Sun and Water

Water and sunshine are all around you on a cruise, and don’t miss your chance to get stunning sun and water photos. If you’re an early riser, you may be perfectly positioned to capture an amazing sunrise, but if you prefer to sleep in, you can opt for a brilliant sunset instead.

Carnival Cruise Pictures
Photo By: Russell Otway

At any time of day, you can also get great shots of the ship’s wake, a unique perspective you can’t get on any other vacation.

Atrium Stairs

All Carnival cruise ships have elegant atriums with grand sweeping staircases. Brass railings, marble stairs, and dramatic lighting make a great setting for an unforgettable photo.

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These staircases are often popular for formal night professional portraits, but you can also take your own pictures on the stairs at any time during your cruise. The different elevations on the steps are ideal for group shots as well.

Towel Animal Poses

Carnival’s towel animals are a fun part of your stateroom – each night a new towel animal will appear in your room, from bears, cats, pigs, and dogs to elephants, dinosaurs, bats, monkeys, stingrays, and swans.

Towel Swan on Carnival Cruise
Photo By: Melissa Mayntz

Snapping pictures of these fun additions to your room will let you remember your menagerie, since the same towels may turn into new animals each night.

Favorite Eats

You will never go hungry on a cruise ship, and as you sample all sorts of Carnival’s tasty goodies, you’ll quickly discover delicious new tastes onboard. Maybe it will be a hot, juicy burger from Guy’s Burger Joint, or a spicy taco from the BlueIguana Cantina.

It could even be a tall, twisty cone you’ve specially crafted from Swirls or the iconic melting cake you have each evening in the dining room. Snap a mouth-watering photo of your favorite!

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Just as you ought to get a photo of your favorite onboard foods, don’t forget a photo of your favorite drinks. Carnival bartenders serve up a wide range of thirst-quenching options, from their classic Fun Ship Special to custom martinis, elegant wines, and all types of beach-ready cocktails ideal for your vacation. With beautiful colors and a wide range of souvenir glasses, all of these drinks are camera-ready.

Fun on Deck

Carnival cruises are filled with fun activities, including many entertaining options right out on the open decks, such as bean bag toss tournaments, ice carving demonstrations, miniature golf courses, waterslides, and the always popular hairy chest contest.

Even if you prefer more relaxing options, such as a visit to Serenity, a soothing hot tub, or hours of sunbathing, keep your camera ready to capture it all.

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Fun on Shore

Shore tours can be the highlight of your visits to different exotic ports of call, and you won’t want to forget the amazing memories you make while seeing different sights or trying new activities.

While not all shore tours permit cameras depending on the nature of the activities, you will want to keep your camera handy for any photo opportunities your tours do allow.

Shots of the Ship

In all the excitement of enjoying your cruise, it can be easy to overlook the larger picture – the ship itself. Don’t miss the chance to get a photo of the whole ship, either while the ship is docked or while you are tendering in or out of a smaller port of call.

Carnival Horizon in Port
Photo By: Russell Otway

Even better is a photo where you can point out your cabin location or see some of the great features the ship offers.

These ten photos should be just the beginning of your Carnival cruise vacation album – don’t forget group photos of the friends you’re traveling with and the new friends you make onboard, views of different ports of call, shots of different lounges, and even a photo of that ship-on-a-stick you fought so hard to win.

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But at the same time, don’t get caught up in taking photos that you miss the opportunity to enjoy all the photo-worthy moments of your vacation. Even if you accidentally miss getting a snapshot, you’ll still have the amazing memory that makes your cruise unforgettable.

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