Concordia Wreckage Being Stripped Down To Deck 0

Costa Concordia, the ship which tragically capsized on the italian island of Giglio in January 2012 now looks completely different.

Captain of Costa Concordia Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison

Victims families can now have peace after the Captain of the Costa Concordia has finally been sentenced in Italy for 16 years in Prison.

Human Remains Found While Workers Dismantle Costa Concordia

Human remains have been found while workers were dismantling the Costa Concordia in Genoa, Italy.

Divers Find Bone Fragments While Searching Costa Concordia Wreck

Italian authorities have announced that bone remains have been found while searching the Costa Concordia wreckage before scrapping procedure’s begin. Since the Concordia arrived at the port in Genoa, Italy search teams and divers have started an operation to find the remains of the last remaining missing person. Crew member Russel

Costa Concordia Arrives At Genoa After A 5 Day Tow

Costa Concordia has completed its very last voyage by being towed by tug boats and arriving at the Port of Genoa, Italy for scrapping. The ship was boarded by Pilots from the port of Genoa at around 5am Sunday morning as the Concordia wreckage was near to entering Prà-Voltri port. The

Costa Concordia Being Towed Back To Genoa, Italy

The Costa Concordia wreck has finally gone from the views of the Italian island of Giglio. The ship departed the island at 11 am local time towards Genoa, Italy where it will be scrapped at the shipyard. operations began way before at 6 am where engineers had been making final

Costa Concordia Refloat Operation Begins

The huge task of refloating the Costa Concordia wreck has started today (July 14th) ready for the ship to be towed away at the end of the month to Genoa, Italy. The refloating started at 6 am local time at the Italian island of Giglio where the Costa Concordia has

Costa Concordia To Begin Being Refloated On Monday

The Costa Concordia is finally to be refloated this Monday July 14th. The salvage team will commence on Monday as long as the weather is on their side. The operation will be conformed again the day before its scheduled to begin. Cruise Hive will post more news reports closer to

New Video Released From Inside Costa Concordia Wreckage

A new video has been released from inside the Costa Concordia wreckage which has been stuck on the rocks of the Italian island of Giglio since January 2012. The Telegraph has released the new footage which shows divers going inside the ship. They go into sunken areas and areas which