New Name And Ship Coming To Celebration Cruise Line In 2015

Its being reported that Celebration Cruise Line will re-brand by February 2015 with a new name.

Cruise Ship Damaged And Runs Aground In Freeport, Bahamas

On the night of Friday October 31st at around 9 PM the cruise ship known as Bahamas Celebration ran aground just outside the Freeport, Bahamas port.

Passenger Medevaced From Bahamas Celebration Cruise Ship

The US Coast Guard has reported that a 56 year old male passenger was medvaced from The Bahamas Celebration cruise ship early Sunday morning (May 18th 2014). The Coats guard was notified of the passenger who was in severe pain late Saturday night. In the early hours of Sunday morning

Passenger Overboard From Bahamas Cruise Ship

A 30-year-old male passenger from the Bahamas Celebration which is a Florida based cruise ship has reportedly jumped overboard. The man apparently jumped from the ships railings early Sunday morning on 27th April 2014. At the time the 16,630 ton ship was 27 miles east of Delray beach, Florida. The