Propulsion Issue Forces Anthem of the Seas To Change Itinerary

Anthem of the Seas which is operated by Royal Caribbean is suffering from a propulsion issue and has been forced to change itinerary.

Terrifying Footage Shows Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Submerged In High Waves

Footage has started to go viral of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship experiencing extremely and terrifying bad weather.

2 American Cruise Passengers Found Dead On Ship In San Juan

Two American passengers have been found dead on a Royal Caribbean cruise which was calling in San Juan, Puerto Rico on Wednesday afternoon

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Experiences Rough Sea Conditions

Anthem of the Seas which is operated by Royal Caribbean has experienced extremely rough sea conditions due to Hermine, a post-tropical cyclone on off North America’s east coast

Anthem of the Seas Headed Home Early After Passenger Has Difficulties In Pool

Earlier this week a 72-year-old woman had difficulties while in Anthem of the Seas swimming pool

What Does Anthem of the Seas Hotel Director Do?

Royal Caribbean has released a new video which shows the daily routines of a Hotel Director

8-Year-Old Boy Found In Cruise Ship Pool Dies

Cruise Hive is sad to report that 8-Year-Old Prince Adepoju from Maryland has died

Young Boy Nearly Drowns In Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Swimming Pool

Terrible news is coming out today of a 8-year-old boy who nearly drowned in a Royal Caribbean cruise ship swimming pool

Royal Caribbean Ends Anthem of the Seas Cruise Early

Royal Caribbean has announced on its corporate twitter account that Anthem of the Seas current sailing is to end early due to a storm threat in the Atlantic ocean.