Ice Is Cracking Around Ship Stuck In Antarctica

The Russian ship which has been stuck in Antarctic ice since Monday 23rd December has some hope. The thick two meter ice is starting to crack according to the scientists onboard the Akademik Shokalskiy. A rescue mission from the Chinese icebreaker, Snow Dragon failed on the 27th December due to thick

Icebreaker Ship Stuck In Ice While Trying To Rescue A Cruise Ship

The Chinese ice-breaking ship Snow Dragon which was on its way to rescue a stranded Russian cruise ship stuck in ice is now also stuck in ice. The cruise ship is doing scientific research on climate change and has been stuck in Antarctic ice since Monday 23rd December. The Chinese

Chinese Icebreaker Getting Near Cruise Ship Stuck In Antarctic Ice

A Chinese ice breaking vessel named the Snow Dragon is getting very close to a cruise ship which has been stuck in the Antarctic ice since Monday evening. There are also two other ships on their way to rescue, A French ship called Astrolabe and an Australian ship the Aurora Australis. The rescue