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    Emrys Thakkar

    So earlier today I was a little bored and started browsing some breathtaking photos online. I came across this photo by Carlo Mirante that shows what is probably father and son looking out across the harbor at the large Princess cruise ship that is docked.

    [url url=][img][/img][/url][url url=]People and Ships[/url] by [url url=https:[email protected]/]Carlo Mirante[/url], on Flickr

    This made me think about the first moment I saw a real life cruise ship at 18 years old. All I remember is that it as a fantasy class Carnival ship in Miami, Florida. I remember looking at those windows towards the front of the ship and the old Carnival logo that are no longer used.

    Ever since that moment I’ve been hooked on cruise ships and cruising in general and it began a new interest for me that in time made this site Cruise Hive possible. It’s moment I will never forget. My eyes were just starring at the ship as if time had frozen.

    Do you remember the first moment you saw a cruise ship or started getting into cruising?



    I was 4 and my dad took me to watch the France sail from Southampton for the very last time.

    I also have a great view.

    Crown Princess

    Oasis of the Seas



    First ship I saw was Carnival’s Celebration just before we boarded on our 10th wedding anniversary, Oct 1, 1988, our first ever cruise, Miami to San Juan, St Thomas, and St Maarten.  The company brochure referred to Celebration and her sisters Holiday and Jubilee as “mega-liners” at 47,000 tons.  How times have changed after 27 years and 21 cruises later!


    Great pics Linerlover!



    Emrys Thakkar

    Your so right @cruznuts, times have really changed. I worked on the Carnival Celebration in 2005 not long before Carnival sold it and even that seems like a life time ago! Can’t believe how fast and large the industry has grown. Also I forget to tell @linerlovers at how nice hose photos are too!



    For me it would have to be the Love Boat tv show! that show inspired so many passenger you see today.

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