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    If your planning on spending the sea day on a deck chair getting some sun just make sure you get up early because otherwise all the good spots will be taken and you’ll be left in some horrible shaded area along with some wind! It’s happened to me. And that’s if there are any deck chairs remaining in the first place!



    We have been on many, many cruises and have never had a problem getting a deck chair in a good spot!!!

    Maybe it the fact that we are not that pickey about being near the main pool or any place special, just in the sun and away from all the noise. Nothing like cold chillin’ on a sea day!!!


    Emrys Thakkar

    When I worked on Carnival ships I remember the open decks being full of people and not one empty deck chair! I also suppose it depends on the cruise line because Carnival ships are full of young people and families who can’t go home without having a sun tan! lol



    Three of our last four cruises have been Carnival. Deck chairs were always there for the taking, as long as you didn’t have to be by the pool.

    We like a sunny spot away from all the noise and drunks, and there are many places to hide from both.

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel if you are on a ship and on vacation, you should do what makes you happy as long as you’re not stepping on other people toes.

    We are looking forward to our next cruise, as we have never done Europe and wonder if the cruisers will be different from what we see going to Mexico and the Caribbean!

    Haiyan Ma
    Haiyan Ma

    Wonder how they deal with the large amount of people on the big ships like Oasis of the Seas and so on. It must be crazy on a sea day surely?

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