Disturbing Video Shows Boy Kicking Girl On Cruise Ship

Cruise Fight
Video Footage By: Loris Cilio

A new video has come to light which shows a playful situation turn to an extremely disturbing one in just seconds. The video can be watched on YouTube where apparently the youngsters were just messing around on an unknown cruise ship.

The girl knocks the boys drink out of his hand and then runs off towards one of the main stairwells. The boy then runs after her, the next thing we can see is the girl on the floor next to the wall with the boy kicking her. Just before he walks away he kicks her one last time. It’s not clear how injured the girl was and we don’t know anymore details.

WARNING: The video below is disturbing and has violence. Only watch if you really need to.

During this time the friends including the person who filmed the video seemed to be laughing at first until the victim is seen laying on the floor being kicked by the boy. We don’t know the youngsters relationship but no matter how they are related this is not how you should act onboard a cruise ship.

We do hope the girl is alright and the boy has faced the consequences of his appalling actions. If you know any more details about this please feel free to post in the comments below.