Magazine Subscriptions

Browse our selected cruise magazine subscriptions. We’ve chosen the industry leaders for print and digital cruise publications. Stay up to date with amazing cruise industry articles and news which even the experts are subscribed to.

Porthole Magazine Subscription

Price: $19.95 ($3.32 Per Issue)

Porthole Magazine is one of the leading print and digital cruise magazines in the industry. The first issue was released in 1993 and is read by many experts around the world. Cruise Hive readers can subscribe for the 6 issues lasting 1 year.


Cruise Travel Magazine Subscription

Price: $38.95 ($6.49 Per Issue)

Cruise Travel Magazine is a popular magazine which provides readers with latest cruise trends and news. Readers can enjoy some inspiration and informative cruise related articles.


Cruise Related Books

Browse our recommended books which we think will make a great read. these books will provide a great insight into cruising along with cruise tips and guides.

The Woman In Cabin 10

Price: $11.44 (Was $26.00)

This is a great best-selling cruise storybook. Will make a great read on your cruise while chilling out on the open deck or in your stateroom. The storybook has received great reviews and is now on sale.


Berlitz Cruise Guide

Price: $18.09 (Was $25.99)

The well known Berlitz 206 Cruise Guide is currently in demand with low stocks. The book provides readers with tons of information on cruise ships. A good resource for news and experienced cruisers.


The Great Passenger Ships of the World

Price: $42.95 (Pre-order)

if you’re a fan of cruise ships then this 8th edition book is a must. This edition presents 858 ships with updated histories, technical details and predominantly new photos. A book that perfectly combines reliable information with stunning visuals!


The Caribbean: Ports of Call and Beyond

Price: $22.02 (Was $27.99 / Pre-Order)

A great guide to ports of calls in the Caribbean brought to you by the well-known National Geographic. This item is brand new and you can pre-order it for when it is released in October 2016.


The Complete Guide to Mediterranean Cruising

Price: $18.83 (Was $21.95)

A newly released 2016 guide which provides information on cruises in the Mediterranean. The new 7th edition provides maps, ports details and everything a cruiser needs to know for their upcoming voyage.


Alaska By Cruise Ship

Price: $15.76 (Was $19.95)

This 8th edition travel guide provides readers with all the details needed for a cruise around Alaska. The guide provides over 400 color photographs, maps and wildlife tracking.


PC Games

We’ll be growing ou list of featured PC games which are related to cruising. We’ll do the search for good quality games so you don’t have to.

Ship Simulator Extremes

Price: Digital Version $19.99 or Regular Box Version $79.99

A good 3D PC game for those of you who love cruise ships. players can sail to almost region in the world using smaller ships to large ocean liners. The weather will also become a huge importance just like in the real world.