Have you ever been on your cruise and noticed a fellow passenger asking the most stupid question ever? Well in fact crew members get asked daily all sorts of odd questions and here are a collection of some Cruise Hive has come across. Enjoy and feel free to add your own on our social networks.

Can these elevators/lifts take me to the back of the ship?

How do I get to the next deck?

So how do you come to work everyday from land?

How can I get a name tag like yours?

Didn’t I just see you working in the dining room? (Crew members is working in a different dept)

What happens to the ice sculptures after they melt?

Does the crew sleep onboard the ship?

How do we have power this far from land?

Excuse me, I was told these are the toilets?

Do you live on the ship?

Do you sell those playing cards that they give away in the Casino?

Do you know what the weather will be like tomorrow?

Can I go up to the next deck in this elevator?

Does this ship have lifeboats?

Will you be working in the shops in port once we get there?

Where are the gift shops? (Already standing in them)

What ports does this ship go to?

Do I have to wear this life jacket when we’re sinking?

Do you know how I get to my stateroom?

Whats behind the “Crew Only” door?

Do you help drive the ship too?

Do you know why the weather is so bad today?

Do you know where I can go to see the sunset?

Are you open 24 hours a day?

I’m unable to open the door, can you help me? (It says rehearsals in progress on the door)

Can you deliver these key chains to my stateroom?

If you would like to add any more “Stupid Questions” to the list simply contact us, tweet us @CruiseHive or post at our Forum. Also feel free to add any more in the comments below…