Tugboat Squeezed By Large Cruise Ship

We wouldn’t like to be on this tugboat while being squeezed by the Carnival Liberty.

Look Who’s Been Spotted on the Carnival Spirit

As the 88,500 gross ton Carnival Spirit arrived back at its homeport in Sydney, Australia a large Spider was seen hitching a ride!

Behind the Scenes of Carnival Vista’s Dining

Carnival Cruise Line has posted the fourth video in Carnival Vistás Behind the Scenes video series.

Building A Brewery Onboard The Carnival Vista

Carnival Cruise Line has released episode 3 of behind the scenes of the Carnival Vista construction. In this episode Peter Gonzales looks at how the ships brewery is going to work.

Below The Water Line of The Carnival Vista

Carnival Cruise Line have posted another video showcasing the cruise line’s upcoming Carnival Vista.

Behind The Scenes At The Carnival Vista Construction Yard

Carnival Cruise Line have posted the first of many videos that show the Carnival Vista under construction.

You Won’t Believe How Much These Guys Order From Room Service!

Passengers onboard a Carnival cruise ship ordered the full room service menu and recorded it all for YouTube. Carnival Cruise Line loved the video so much that they posted it on Twitter.

Inspiring Virtual Tour of Carnival Vista

Carnival Cruise line has released a brand new video of the cruise lines upcoming cruise ship Carnival Vista.

Public Can Experience The Carnival Vista Over The Weekend

The Carnival Vista has recently bee revealed at an event in New York and London on Jan 22nd and now in a new video featuring Senior Cruise Director John Heald the public can now experience the ship.