Over the years we’ve come across lot’s inspiring cruise videos but we’re also sad to say we’ve come across a lot of uninspiring cruise videos. Many of those videos are cruise ship passengers fighting each other, it’s something which should never be done onboard.

Even though passenger fights are a bad example of cruising it does help us learn to not be like them. The last thing you would want is to see a video of yourself fighting with fellow guests all over social media, and what if you lost the fight!

Casino Cat Fight

This was a recent fight between some cruise ship passengers onboard the Carnival Glory in September 2016. Four women seem to be involved but two of them are seen trying to stop the fight. The fight broke out next to the ship Casino Bar on Promenade deck. You can read our full article on this here.

Guest Services

This was a fight between several cruise ship passengers. It took place onboard the Carnival Glory in September 2016 next to the ships Guest Services Desk on the Lobby deck. It’s not clear how it started but they seem to be very angry about something. Security is present trying to stop the fighting but seems to be on the back foot. You can read our previous post on this here.

Cheeseburgers Fight

Where do we start with this fight! Cruise Hive was one of the first sites to posts about this massive brawl on the Carnival Breeze in October 2015. It’s become one of the most watched cruise fights online in recent years and shows how not to act during a cruise. The fight seems to involve several people on the ships Lido deck next to Guys Burger Joint. Many people who commented thought it was over Cheeseburgers but it was later known that the fight broke out closer to the ship’s pool first. Read the popular post on this Lido fight here.

The Bar

Moving away from Carnival, fights do actually take place on other cruise line ships too! This is another recent video which was posted in April 2016. It happened on the Norwegian Escape and involved two male passengers at the ships bar. One seems to be having a go at the other who then decides to swing a hard punch. Another person (probably a crew member) tries his best to stop the brief fight but is no match for them. Alcohol may have played a part in this.

Lido Deck

This is a shocking video of passengers fighting onboard a Carnival ship. The fight occurred at the ship buffet area on Lido deck and guests can be seen punching and pushing with one even throwing a chair. Security is at the scenes but seems to initially not control the situation. This footage was posted by Irie Namma in September 2016 making it the third fight in a month to break out on a Carnival ship.


This is a fight which broke out in the Carnival Dreams nightclub in August 2010. Several passengers are involved in the fighting and one of them is injured on the dance floor. it was the early hours of the morning and security have their hands full trying to stop the violence. According to the popular Cruise Law News site, the fight started over a song, the fight spread to outside the club and many young passengers were involved. The good news is ten of them were kicked off the ship in the next port.

Fighting does happen onboard cruise ships but by posting these videos we hope on future cruises this doesn’t happen. This is not the way to act during a holiday of a lifetime with friends and family. Please always respect fellow guests and if you ever do find yourself in a situation like above just walk away, remember, you don’t want to be removed from the ship the next port day or put in the ship’s jail do you?